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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Courtyard in Taiwan

Being replaced with a new name yet still selling the same concept of food, we've visited the Taiwan Courtyard小台阁 that is located at Queensbay Mall. We've not enjoyed the Taiwanese food at the previous shop of this location and we've no clues if the current restaurant will serve a good meal, but we've decided to give it a try. The menu is a little too "simple" or I'll say that it doesn't look attractive.

Attila and I have ordered the Taiwan Grilled Sausage台湾烧香肠 and Taiwan Salty Crispy Chicken台湾盐酥鸡 as our starters. The pork sausage is compact and succulent but I indeed dislike the "Chinese" type of sausage for its sweetness. I like the boneless chicken meat for its crispiness and as well the fried leaves for the nice aroma. Anyway, the dish is not so tasty as it seems to be lacked of saltiness. Besides, we've shared the Braised Pork Knuckle with "Mee Suar"酸菜红烧猪脚面线. The thick soup with dark soy sauce is tasty and it ends with a very slight spiciness at the end of tongue that it's really appetising. However, I dislike the sourness of the pickled vegetable that it has somehow spoilt the deliciousness of the soup. I've enjoyed the pork meat that has been slowly cooked in the dark sauce and it's juicy.

The dishes are considered normal as they're not really very attractive that we're tempted with. The only selling point maybe the cosy ambient that is suitable especially for gathering with family.

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