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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Healy Mac's, It's a Bar & It's a Restaurant

Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant gives me an impression that the ambient is more suitable for drinking rather than to dine in for food here. It has been a question to me about the attraction of this place as I'm wondering that how can it be always packed with crowd. For the first time, we're here for a dinner with the bikers together.

I've ordered a Grilled Fillet of fresh Silver Cod that contains grilled cod fish that has been Cajun spiced and being served together with vegetable risotto and being garnished with white wine cream sauce. The fish fillet is very thick and the portion is definitely too much for myself. Anyway, the dark brownish skin of the fish looks very tempting. The meat is very juicy but it doesn't contain too much seasoning that it's actually meant to be eaten together with the creamy risotto in order to complete the taste. I'm totally indulged into the risotto as it's so delicious even though it's cooked only with vegetable. However, it's very too filling and this is a heavy meal due to the thick cream.

Attila has taken their Don Corleone Pizza or the Brick Oven Pizza that comes with Salami. The dough is tasty and with the saltiness of the Salami, the pizza is almost near to the authentic Italian except that the cheese is too thick.

I'm amazed by the deliciousness of the risotto at Healy Mac's. It's a surprise to me that the Chef has indeed prepared a good meal here. 

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