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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Angel in-us

They claim themselves as the best coffee in the world. We're indeed attracted by its name Angel in-us and the cute cupid, here we've decided to have a coffee break before departing to Jeju Island.

Undecided, Elaine and I have finally to share the Americano and the Drip Coffee. Physically, the Americano is visible with a thin layer of whitish foam on the surface while the Drip Coffee looks clearer. Comparing the smell, the Drip Coffee has a better aroma but the Americano has a stronger coffee's taste whereby the Drip Coffee tastes indeed alike plain wafer. On the other hand, I'm attracted by the name Choko Soboro that we've ordered a chocolate cake to go with the coffee. The cake is very compact and I like the chocolate chips and nuts inside the cake but its texture is just too dry and rough.

We've finally given up about a good coffee that will suit us in Korea. The coffee here tastes lighter than in M'sia that we normally neither smell nor taste the strong coffee bean inside the coffee.

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