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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Beef Noodle by the Roadside

Phở is a special flat noodle that is available locally in Vietnam. It's usually being prepared in soup together with beef, Bò or chicken, Gà. Not only commonly as breakfast, phở is also widely taken during lunch or dinner. Arriving Hanoi in the evening, we're hunger for food... anything! We've then discovered and decided for this not-so-dirty stall that is called Phở Bò Đường Tàu.

Thanks to the young local customer that has willingly helped to translate the menu and price for us. Each bowl of beef noodle costs us US$2. A lot of ginger is being used in the soup that it tastes very refreshing despite it's a little too salty for me. The soup is very thick yet it doesn't contain any beefy smell. I've always enjoyed to squeeze in some fresh lime and also to add in some sliced chili into my soup that it gets slight sourness and spiciness. On the other hand, I don't really like the flat noodle as it's just too soft in texture.

It's the 1st experience for everyone of us, to sit down... really really down at the roadside for a meal. We're not really comfortable with the position, but it's worthwhile as we've filled up our stomach with a bowl of delicious hot soup.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

De Paella = House of Journey Hostel & Guesthouse

The Groupon's voucher is on! We've decided to try out the De Paella that is located at Lorong Seck Chuan in Georgetown. I'm fancy over Paella that there's no reason for me to object such dinner. It's actually quite tricky for us to find out the De Paella as it's indeed the restaurant that is located inside the House of Journey Hostel & Guesthouse. A small dining area that can cater about 12 guests and an electronic menu that is displayed on the Ipad, "simplicity" is the only word that comes across my mind.

Our 1st dish is the Tortilla De Patata (Deconstructo) or the potato with half boiled egg. The bottom layer is the fried potato with bacon that is then topped with a poached egg. The garnishing is an orange sauce that tastes alike capsicum. The saltiness of the bacon has accomplished the potato, the dish is delicious despite the egg yolk is slightly over-cooked for me. It's in the voucher, we're then served with the Croquetta and the Patatas Bravas. The ingredients are limited, we've taken the Croquetta De Gamba or shrimp that is served together with a mixture of Guacamole and Mayonnaise sauces. This is not the best Croquetta that I've ever tasted, yet the soft inner and the crispy outer have both made it still a delicious dish. I prefer to have the Croquetta without any dipping sauce, how about you? The Patatas Bravas is also made of potato but it comes with two types of sauces. This is not my option as it's chewy and I indeed dislike the strong taste of the potato.

Flipping through the electronic menu, we've decided to try out their Gambas Ajo Blanco con Mango Fresco and also the Almechas Al Vino Blanco En Salsa Verde or the prawns and the clams respectively. The prawns that have been sauteed are being served with a spicy sauce at the base and also the Mango Chutney by the side, the combination of the sauces is very tasty. On other other hand, I'm not really fancy over the clams that are cooked with a basil sauce. It's apparently too salty for me and the greenish sauce doesn't have a nice aroma of the basil leaves.

It's not in the menu but we're recommended with the Seafood Spaghetti here. The noodle is slightly hard but the spicy tomato-based sauce is very delicious. I'm the Asian and I've indeed requested for more sauce. The main character or the Seafood Paella is the final dish to be served on the table. Topped with prawns, clams and the green peas, the rice is dark in colour and it's actually too sweet for me. I've rather enjoyed the most bottom layer of the rice that is slightly burnt.

Ending our dinner with the Truffas De Chocolate and the Mango Cheesecake. The chocolate truffle is delicious but we're not really fancy with the mango dessert.

We're quite satisfied with the dinner whereby we've tried various types of food. Some dishes are really delicious while some are quite ordinary yet they're considered averagely good. We'll definitely re-visit the place again except: No more seating near the entrance as the electrically-locked metal door is really noisy and annoying!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Bar47 at Vestdijk 47

I'm exhausted and I'm looking for the nearest restaurant that I can dine-in. There's no other better choices rather than the one that is located at the ground floor of my Hotel, the Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne. I've not realised that the restaurant and the bar are actually just side-by-side... To differentiate the Bar 47, 1st point is the menu that is visible on the table while the 2nd point is indicated by the short tables and sofa's chairs.

Courtesy from the Bar47 whereby I'm offered with a holder with 3 starters that range from macadamia nuts, sun-dried tomatoes to onions. The saltiness of the Macadamias, the juiciness of the tomatoes and the sourness of the pickled onions; they're all very appetising! My favourite is the small and round onions that are not only beautiful but also very delicious. I've never thought at least that onion can be such a tasty appetiser.

I've decided to take the "Tapastry" and my greediness that I've chosen the Genneperhoeve kaasduo & Duo van Franse Saucisse and Portie bitterballen & Garnalenkroketjes. The tapas are the mixture between Dutch and French whereby the 1st platter is with Dutch Cheese & French Sausages while the 2nd dish consists of Dutch Croquette Balls & French Spring Rolls with Shrimps. A very good combinations of cheese and meat yet it's incomplete without a glass of wine! It's also a small disappointment for me that the sausages are served without any dipping sauce, maybe a mustard ?!! These are the best croquette balls that I've ever tasted; the mashed potatoes with minced meat inside are very smooth and juicy while the bread crumbs outside are very crunchy. On the other hand, the frozen shrimps are not fresh despite the sauce is indeed quite delicious.

The ambient is very cosy and comfortable. I wish that Attila is there to share the moment with me...

So... Lizzie is indeed Busy!

A nice spot to sit down on a nice Summer afternoon, the corner is belonged to Vlijtig Liesje. In other words, the restaurant is named upon the the founder whom is Liesje. They're apparently a big franchise company in Netherlands. I'm wandering around the Eindhoven town before I'm attracted by the greenish trees and bushes that I've decided to relax down my tiring feet.

Not really a plenty of beers that I can choose from, I've taken the Affligem Dark Beer that is originated from Africa. The 300 mL bottle contains 6.8% of alcohol yet it's not bitter. The beer is smooth and it's an easy drink but the ending is actually quite empty.

An easy and simple meal, I've taken the Stokbroodje B.L.T or the baguette with bacon, salad and tomato. There's possibility to choose between the white or brown baguette and I've of course chosen the healthier one. Despite that pork bacon has always been my favourite choice for bread, but the fat is indeed quite sinful. It's a little weird that to use Mayonnaise as the base because its milkiness doesn't match the saltiness of the bacon. The baguette is quite chewy and the portion is as well too much for myself alone, I've then decided to finish only the bacon and also the delicious solid cheese that has been mixed with Pesto sauce.

I'm surveying the orders by the other customers and I think that to enjoy a cold beer with some snacks will be the best matches during the sunny days. My sandwich is not really great but my heart is warmed by the friendliness of the waitress.

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