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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Oh, my Canton Duck!

I craze about duck for every of my trips to Germany. I've always supported the statement that the ducks in Germany don't contain the unease smell that I dislike and they're generally cooked as the crispy type. Anyway, it's still a "searching" activity to hunt for the most delicious or the best duck that can fit my taste bud. Furthermore, I'm a little stingy to pay € 14 for a duck dish and I can't normally finish it.

Attila has recommended to try out the fast food kiosk that is called Asia Familien Imbiss & Pizza, again in Neutraubling. This is a small shop that is providing mainly food delivery service to the neighbourhood and of course to let customers to dine-in here. I've ordered the Canton Ente mit gebratene Eierreis und Hoisin Sauce (scharf) or the Canton Duck with Fried Rice with Egg and spicy Seafood Sauce. The duck has been fried to the dark brownish colour that the meat is slightly dry. But, I'm completely amazed because the meat is not chewy and the skin is very crispy. The saltiness of the meat matches with the crunchiness of the skin; the duck is very delicious. The rice is not fried or pressed properly that there's still some big and sticky rice granules, but the fried rice does smell and taste good with the egg and the soy sauce. The Hoisin sauce is a little too liquid but it's edible as it's not too salty while the slight spiciness is really appetizing. Anyway, I do still prefer to eat the crispy duck without any dipping sauce.

I'm definitely satisfied with the duck here and I've finished the whole plate without wasting the food. We've paid € 9.90 including 1 bottle of Tsingtao Beer.

Eis Iglu... the Penguin

Attila is growing up at Neutraubling that he knows about every single restaurants and dessert houses at the neighbourhood. Keeping on commenting that it's the best Eis, I'm urged to try out the Eis Iglu that is symbolised with the cute penguin. It's Summer time and the weather is indeed very suitable for a cold ice-cream.

I've ordered the Joghurette Becher whereby the bowl is filled with strawberry sauce and ice-cream that range from Vanilla, Erdbeer or Strawberry to another unknown ice with tiny chocolate chips. These 3 scoops of ice-cream are then topped with yogurt, whipped cream and finally being decorated with the fresh strawberries and Joghurette. Joghurette is actually the chocolate stick that is filled with strawberry yogurt and it's available in any grocery markets. I'm surprised as I actually like the Vanilla for its nice aroma and taste that are both very appealing and different from the preservative that I've normally tasted. I do quite like the Strawberry as well because it tastes alike the frozen blended ice and it's not creamy.

Do try out the scoops of ice-cream on your choice, picking from the flavours that are available in the refrigerators. I've then discovered the new flavour that I prefer instead, the Nutella.

Griechische at Alexis Sorbas

I've always nagged to Attila that I want and I must try Greek food for at least once during our home trip in Germany. This is a dish that I've always missed as it's not available in Penang, mainly the delicious pork Gyros and the Tzatziki sauce. As well in Neutraubling, Attila has shown me the Alexis Sorbas Griechische Spezialitäten that is organized by the family or father and sons.

I'm a greedy eater that I want to try various meat dishes that they're serving here, thus we've decided to order the Rachi-Teller Für 2 Personen that consists of Schweinelendchen, Gyros, Suvlaki, Kalamari, Muscheln, Fleischpflanzerl dazu Pommes Frites und Salate. We're firstly being served with the Salad that is garnished with only the vinegar and olive oil, it tastes very refreshing. The main character in Griechische is the Tzatziki that is the yogurt and cucumber based sauce that tastes very creamy and heavy. The smooth texture and the freshness of the cucumber are urging people to taste it more and more... But, the Tzatziki normally makes people feeling very full easily.

Back to the big platter, my favourite is always the Gyros. It's the roasted meat on the vertical spit that is then sliced into thin, crisp pieces. The sliced meat is salty that it goes well either with the lightly grilled Pita Bread that has a nice aroma of the Oregano or only with the Tzatziki. Schweinelendchen is the pork fillet that has been marinated with plenty of herbs and being grilled to dryness that it has some "chewing" strength in the mouth. On the other hand, Suvloki is slightly different whereby the pork meat is poked onto the stick and I prefer Suvloki than the Schweinelendchen because the meat is more tender and the aroma of the herbs is stronger. The Fleischpflanzerl is the minced meat that has been mixed with a lot of onion and then being rolled alike meat ball before fried to the dark brownish colour. I dislike the minced meat as it has a strong smell. Both of the fried Muscheln (Mussel) and Kalamari (Squid) are quite tasty except that the flour coating is the soft type that they don't sound or taste crispy. Of course, the seafood is not as fresh as what we can get in M'sia but they're edible...

I've definitely an overfull stomach after the Greek food. As per the tradition, we're served with the digestive alcoholic drink that is called Ouzo. It's spicy but it's definitely the best timing! Over all, I'm not really amazed by the remaining dishes in the platter except the Gyros and my favourite Tzatziki. I think, it'll be another year before I've my Grischiche again.

Pizza Restaurant... No signboard!

Thinking of Italian food for the day, Attila has decided to bring me to the restaurant that is located at Neutraubling. The small neighbourhood is equipped with a few Italian restaurants that we can choose from, any is just authentic. Going back to the old restaurant at Sudetenstrasse that he's familiar with, we're standing in front of Pizza Alex that is somehow "no name" as it doesn't have any signboard.

Attila has of course chosen the Pizza that comes with Salami, tomato and cheese. I like the saltiness of the Salami and it's tender, going well with the Pizza. But, it's disappointing that the cheese is indeed too thick that it's very filling and it tastes alike the cheap industrial cheese. I've ordered the Gnocchi Rustici that consists of Sahne or Cream, Gorgonzola, Speck or Bacon, Rucola, Parmesan and being added additionally with Champignon. The Gnocchi is the dumpling that is normally made of flour, egg and potato whereby it's sticky and tasteless but it matches completely with the thick and creamy sauce that is cooked with Gorgonzola. The strong and heavy cheese is very appealing when it's being coupled with the Gnocchi. The Rucola is really an added point to complete the whole pasta because its refreshing taste is enhancing the deliciousness of the mouthful of Gnocchi, Speck, Champignon and Gorgonzola sauce. I love it!

We've agreed that this is the best Gnocchi that we've ever tasted before. For me, I've never imagined that the strong Gorgonzola Cheese can be used as such an amazing sauce for pasta.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Surprised by... Madan's Pizza

Time in Germany is always reserved for the daughters. We've loved to fulfil their wishes to play and to have fun for the whole Summer holiday. Bringing the kids to funclub at Grünthal, this is the place that they want to show us the Trampoline, playground and as well to spend the time with us.

The funclub is linked to the Madan's Gaststätte - Restaurant whereby they're serving mainly the Pizza and Pasta here. We're surprised by the Pizza Salame that is tomato-based and being garnished simply with Salami and Cheese. It's an authentic Italian taste of thin and crusty Pizza. Being topped with a very thin layer of Cheese that is sufficient only to satisfy the taste bud, the Chef is indeed using a good quality of Cheese that seems to be Emmenthaler. The Salami is not so salty or it's not the best Salami that I've ever tasted, but the Pizza is in over all very delicious. I'm really amazed that I've tasted a tasty Pizza at a small funclub that is really outskirt of Regensburg Town.

We've enjoyed the food at the funclub Grünthal and the best is we've spent a sporting time here with the kids.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Yummy, yummy... Leberkäse Semmel

Attila has been so surprised that I've never tasted Leberkäse Semmel in Germany. This is partly because Leberkäse is directly translated as "Liver Cheese" and I'm definitely not going to taste liver! Every German friends have been promoting and urging me to try out Leberkäse and guaranteeing that I'll love it.

Breakfast in the early morning, we've stopped by the Wurstshop at Globus to buy for ourselves the Leberkäse Semmel that costs only  1.20 each. Leberkäse actually consists of meat that is usually beef and pork, bacon and onion and it's then made of by grinding the ingredients finely before being baked alike a bread loaf. In short, it can be called as meat loaf. The Leberkäse is baked till it gets a crunchy brown crust at the outer layer. It tastes quite salty that it should go perfectly with a plain bun. Senf or commonly being known as Mustard is recommended to go together with Leberkäse Semmel as it'll give some "juiciness" that the meat loaf doesn't taste too dry. I'm impressed by Leberkäse whereby the ingredients are so fine that they're "arranged" in organized lines that it's very tender and smooth in the mouth.

I've enjoyed the Leberkäse so much that I've a few more trials during my trip in Germany. I'm not so fancy with bun or bread that I've always eaten only the meat loaf with Senf and I'm completely satisfied with it. Leberkäse can be easily obtained in any stalls or shops throughout Germany but the recommendation is to visit the one that is selling meat products as well. The reason is because they're the expert in making tastier and more tender Leberkäse than any fast food stalls.
I'm missing to have Leberkäse in M'sia...

Palasia the Grand Chinese Restaurant

Papa has notified Attila about the Chinese restaurant that has newly opened at Neutraubling. It's noticeable and it looks grand with the arc and the stone Kirin that are standing outside the restaurant. Anyway, I've not got a chance to take a whole picture as the smoking bin is just at the middle corner of the arc. The inner of the restaurant looks as well very elegant with various decorations or statues that are made of Jade and as well the big crystal chandelier.

To fulfil my wish, we've ordered the Knusprig gebackene Ente auf Gemüse mit Soße nach Wahl or the Crispy Duck with Vegetable and Sauce of Your Choice that ranges from Sweet-Sour, Shacha, Gong Bao to Curry. The duck meat is not so salty or flavourful that it's actually quite tasteless while the skin is not the crispy type that I've always wished for. Besides, the fried vegetable is too soft and I don't like the over-use of bamboo shoots that the whole plate of mixed vegetable tastes alike. Tasting it once and I dare not to try again the Gong Bao Sauce that is extremely too salty. Oppositely, the additional dish of Schweinefleisch mit Morcheln, Bambussprossen und Knoblauch is delicious. The Pork with Morels or Black Fungus, Bamboo Shoots and Garlic is classified as scharf or spicy but it's indeed appetizing with the slight spiciness. I find the dish to be quite salty but luckily that it's tasty to go with white rice. I like especially the pork meat that is very succulent and juicy.

Not really amazed by the food, but I'm at least satisfied with the friendly service of the waitress. Moreover, the restaurant is just alike a beautiful panorama view that can be enjoyed while having a relaxing dinner. The greatest happiness of mine is actually the warm plum wine that is served at the end of the dinner. It's very smooth and refreshing.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Deer at Buchet

Going on the last lunch with Bernd and his family before his departure back to Penang. To have something special, we're going to eat deer at Wild-Berghof Buchet that is by the Bayerische Wald or the Bavarian Forest. Departing from Deggendorf and heading to Buchet at Bern Ried, the journey has taken us at least about 30 minutes along the rugged mountain road. I've a wonderful time to take picture of the deer that is lazing under the shade of the trees, hiding from the heat of the sun. Other than the Deer Park that is meant for sightseeing, the deer is fed here in order to cater for the restaurant.

Missing still the taste of Leberkäse, I've decided to order the Hirschleberkäse mit Pommes und Spiegelei. It's the Leberkäse or meat loaf that is made of meat from the deer and then being served with fries and mirror-egg or the sun shiny side up. The Leberkäse looks very appetising in the uniform pinkish colour. It's tender and softer than the plain Leberkäse that is normally made of pork. It's very salty and I find that it's as well too oily, maybe it's partly because of the fried egg on top. Anyway, the Hirschleberkäse is indeed very delicious and I think that the taste will be more perfect if it comes in between of a Semmel or Bun.

Attached to the meal, I'm firstly served with a plate of pickled salad that consists of cucumber, carrot,  radish, Sauerkraut or cabbage and also fresh lettuce that is then garnished with yogurt sauce. I'm not fancy over vegetable but I do quite enjoy this pickled platter.

Thanks to Bernd for treating me to this special lunch. I've enjoyed the time with the family as well. Attila is so jealous as he has never tried Hirschleberkäse before...