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Saturday, 15 June 2013

"Signature" of Ruben Jan Adriaan

Macaron is his signature dessert, his name is Ruben Jan Adriaan. Looking for something sweet to fill up our teeth, Su Yee is recommending us to the Macaron that is prepared by a handsome Chef. The famous chef is originating from Netherlands and he has decided to settle down in Seoul with his Korean wife by setting up a place to present his masterpieces, confidently to be called Macaron.

To take-away, Elaine and I have decided to share the Macaron in Chocolate 66%, Sakura/Strawberry, Rose/Raspberry and Vanilla/Salty Caramel while Su has taken additionally the Yuzu. They're serving various Macaron here but some flavours maybe the "Special of the Day" that you need to hunt for it each day. To ensure that the deliciousness of the Macaron is enjoyed to the 100% satisfaction, the waitress has indeed reminded us that the freshly baked Macaron is to be reserved overnight. The 66% of chocolate is thick in taste and it gives a little bitterness to balance the sweetness of the Macaron. The Sakura/Strawberry is very sweet while the cream is very soft and smooth. The Rose/Raspberry is marvellous with the nice aroma of the rose and also the little sourness of the Raspberry. Anyway, the most amazing is still the Vanilla/Salty Caramel that the saltiness has indeed enhanced the deliciousness of the sweet caramel.

We've enjoyed every single pieces of the Macaron as they're really awesome. How I wish to fly some Macaron back to M'sia! I actually wish that he'll setup a shop in Penang.

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