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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pal Saik, Pork of 8 Kind Tastes

Phui Yee has been recommending and emphasizing, we've to try out the 8-flavoured pork at Seoul. Anyway, she can't remember the location and it's really grateful that we've Su Yee as our tour guide. We're then surprised that they've 2 shops at Seoul itself and also at other side of the world such as Melbourne or Los Angeles. I'm so excited to see the various piggies that are either sculpted in wood, jade or in gems.

Letting Phui Yee to decide, we've taken the 8Color Set八色烤肉套餐 that consists of the pork belly that has been marinated with 8 types of sauces range from Ginseng人参, Wine红酒, Pine Needles松叶, Garlic大蒜, Herb花草, Curry咖喱, Soy Bean Paste大酱 to Hot Pepper辣椒酱. The meat is served in a long wooden holder that has been carved with the name of each sauces in ascending orders from left to right. The waitress will responsible to grill the meat on the hot plate but we're allowed to ask for an apron if we scare of any oil splashing. Meantime, our job is to wait till the Seafood Soup is boiling to a reddish colour and we should start eating. The soup tastes not bad but nothing is be surprised about. Well, the waitress is not really helpful by jeopardizing the sequences of the meat. We've no clues the exact flavour of each meat is but they're all very juicy and succulent. By guessing through my taste-bud, I prefer the grilled meat in the Pine Needles, Herb and the Hot Pepper Sauces because they've stronger taste and nicer aroma out of the total 8 flavours.

Oh ya, I find that they've smart idea in business whereby we can keep our bags "inside" the round chairs that we're sitting! Besides, I've enjoyed this meaty meal to a 100% fullness and satisfaction.

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