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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Noodle in the Ice

Have you ever tried the iced noodle that is actually served in the cold soup? I can't imagine ice inside the noodle soup and I've definitely never tried it in my life.

Taking our Bokkeumbap or Fried Rice lunch at the same restaurant by Myeongdong, Su has decided to take a Iced Noodle冷面 or Cold Noodle in the Red Pepper Sauce. It's actually buckwheat noodle being served inside the iced water that is then topped with egg, vegetable, chili pepper paste and sesame. Additionally, the noodle comes with the yellow mustard and vinegar for seasoning. Can you see the ice cube inside? Surprisingly, the cold "soup" is very refreshing after being added with all the seasonings. The noodle is soft and it's slightly sticky but the taste is quite good.

The Iced Noodle doesn't taste as awful as I've been wondering. It's actually quite tasty but my traditional mindset is still asking for hot soup with noodle.

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