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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Flyingchicken Since 2001

We're going to eat chicken again but this time it's coming with cheese. The restaurant is called Flyingchicken and it's located at Wausan-ro 18-gil. Since 2001, apparently the building looks quite old or it's just my feeling because of the decorations? I find the place to be unique especially their menu that is hand-drawn and also the door handler that is made of the galvanic pipe.

We're firstly served with a plate of squarish biscuits as an appetizer. A little weird to have such starter but it's indeed quite tasty and I do enjoy the biting. To order the drink, Su Yee has been emphasizing to the owner that we want our drink in their unique metal mug. It's limited to beer only and we've thus decided to share their special pink beer. It's really in pink but it's bitter, so it's definitely beer.

We're sharing the Cheese Baked Chicken in Sizzling Plate that contains boneless meat, potato and onion in a spicy sauce. I dislike the chicken meat as I find it to be slightly too soft but I've enjoyed the spiciness of the sauce and together with the sweetness of the onion. The cheese has indeed made me feeling so full that 5 of us are sharing this single dish. It's just a little pity for Elaine to suffer the extreme spiciness. 

I like the design and the cozy ambient inside the restaurant. The food is good but it has not yet to the extent of superb.

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