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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What is the Food for Jaws?

A fast food restaurant by the roadside, we're attracted by the various Tempura or the seafood and vegetable that have been battered and deep fried here. Besides, isn't the name sound cool? They're called the Jaws Food and they're apparently serving plenty of seafood such as prawn, squid and fish. Of course, the vegetable such as eggplant or sweet potato are as well available as Tempura.

We've ordered the take-away for Tempura Prawn and Squid. The reddish sauce being scattered over the brownish breaded skin, I can't wait to get a bite! I don't really like the transparent prawn meat whereby it's tender yet the texture is a little soft instead of the solid or firm type. But, I've no doubt that I'm totally indulged into the spicy sauce as it's really tasty and appetising! On the other hand, the squid is not as good as I'm expecting because the flour is just too thick.

I'll definitely visit this fast food restaurant again. How I wish if they'll setup a branch or just a small stall in Penang!

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