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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Momzzang or Darizzang, the Cuttle Fish

Wow, such a nice smell! What is it?

Our noses are attracted by the nice aroma and it's actually coming from the Cuttle Fish. I'm surprised and so eagerly to try out the Cuttle Fish that is particularly sold by this aunt. It's funny to learn the names of the snacks whereby the flat cuttle fish is called Momzzang while the tentacles are called Darizzang. As the 1st trial, we've decided to share a Momzzang. The stripes indicate that the cuttle fish has been rolled into flat piece before grilling. Then, the cuttle fish is put onto a hot plate that looks similar to the "Waffle Maker" and being pressed that it gets thin and crispy. Then, the freshly grilled cuttle fish is passed through the roller and to be self-picked by the customer. The Momzzang is so delicious and I think the secret recipe is the "butter" that has created a nice aroma and given sufficient saltiness to the cuttle fish.

I'm amazed by the deliciousness of the cuttle fish. I'm so eager to try the Darizzang from the aunt the next day but disappointingly that they're not there for business at Myeongdong.

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