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Thursday, 22 December 2011

潮州銘... the Teow Chew Meng

潮州銘 or Teow Chew Meng is the first restaurant that I've visited for their Mee Suah Koh面线糊. It's a soup-based dish whereby the thin flour vermicelli is boiled with mixed ingredients such as shark fin, prawn, fish ball, mushroom, egg and being starched to create the slimy taste. Normally, people like to add in the black vinegar to enhance the taste. In short, it looks and tastes exactly alike the normal Shark Fin Soup.

On my second visit with my family, we've decided to order the Mee Suah Koh again. There's too much vermicelli inside the soup that has made the Mee Suah Koh becoming too thick and sticky. I personally prefer it to be a little more soupy. Additionally, we've ordered the Tomyam Seafood Soup冬炎海鲜汤 that comes with Maggi noodle and vermicelli. Quite balanced off between the sourness and spiciness with the various seafood, but I don't like the bitterness at the end of the tongue. I guess the lime juice has been boiling for too long?!!

We've also decided to try out some of their recommended side dishes, such as the Kerabu Mango芒果加拉母, Sweet and Sour Prawn酸辣虾, Steamed Octopus猪母酸, Fried Squid炸苏东 and Fried Prawn Cake炸虾饼. We've been ordering too much...

My Brother's favourite is the Kerabu Mango whereby it's the mixture of thinly sliced mango, fried cuttle fish, onion, cili padi, grounded peanuts and being seasoned with lime sauce, making it an appetizing starter. The Sweet and Sour Prawn is delicious with a good control between the sourness, sweetness and a little spiciness in the sauce. There's just a small discrepancy with the prawn that has been over-cooked that the meat has lost its juiciness.

I do quite like the succulent and juicy octopus but the mixed chili and grounded peanut sauce has somehow killed the freshness of the octopus. The sauce is tasteless except to smell the Chlorine. I'm as well dislike the squid that tastes chewy and hard with its thick flour coating. The Fried Prawn Cake has nothing special to be discussed except the softness.
I'm not really fancy about the food in Teow Chew Meng潮州銘. In fact, I'm quite disappointed as the quality has been degraded since my first visit there.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pappa is Rich?

PappaRich has somehow existed in Penang for quite some time yet I've only managed to get myself into this Malaysian Delights lately. This franchise has been blooming up quickly, to present Malaysian cuisine from a different perspective rather than the old or dirty hawker style. It's a lifestyle changes to see various races of foreigners and especially the locals here.

I've of course ordered the famous Nasi Lemak or the rice with coconut milk that is served together with curry chicken, hard boiled egg, peanuts, anchovies, cucumbers and the Sambal sauce. The rice is a little too dry whereby aroma of the coconut is not appealing in the rice itself and I don't like the Sambal that is quite sweet instead of spicy. In fact, I'm quite dissatisfy to see the crack off from the edge of my plate. Anyway, this is a significant contradistinction to the Naan Bread that comes with a tasty curry sauce. The thick and salty curry sauce has indeed completed the missing deliciousness of the plain Naan. Additionally, I've decided to try the Otak-Otak or the steamed cake that is made from fish meat and spices. This is to my extreme disappointment that the Otak-Otak is smelly and it's tasteless!
My funny Boyfriend has decided to order the Fish n' Chips in this Malaysian Delights Restaurant. There's nothing to fancy about the frozen fish fillet except that the garlic fried rice has added some Oriental marks to this Western dish.

I don't find any specialty about this PappaRich Malaysian Delights except its name. The food is not leaving any tasty memories for me to have a must to re-visit...