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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Imported Soy Beans & Freshly Made at Qbean

Freshly made from soy beans at Qbean, this is where people queue up daily for their healthy soy products. Qbean is located at the North zone of Queensbay Mall and they're specialized in soy products that range from soy milk, ice cream till pancake. It has been operating since June 2010 and their customers are growing more each day...

'Love It Fresh!', the original healthy soy milk is made daily here to ensure that each customers enjoy the most original taste of the soy beans without coloring, flavouring and preservatives. I've decided to try out their Natural Soy Ice Cream. Although this is my first experience but I do love the thick soy beans' taste in the ice cream. It tastes a little bit weird but each spoon is very refreshing and not as sweet as any ordinary ice cream.

I've indeed enjoy the nice aroma of the soy beans in the air whenever I pass by Qbean. I guess you'll enjoy the healthy and original soy products that are served here, as how I've...

Here You Smell the Durian... At Balik Pulau!

June is our monthly eating trip to Durian orchard. Here we're heading to Balik Pulau, lead by CK.
Can you differentiate the species of each Durian? We've 'Gourd'葫芦, 'Red Prawn'红虾 and 'Lin Feng Jiao'林凤娇; these are the special names of each Durian species. 葫芦 and 红虾 are more towards sweetness while 林凤娇 is having a little bitterness at the end of tongue. For myself personally, I prefer sweet Durian 葫芦 because the meat is more compact. Anyway, some people may prefer 林凤娇 for its bitterness and a little of 'alcoholic' taste?!!
A special drink in this Durian orchard is the Nutmeg Juice. It's a great pleasure to enjoy the cold nutmeg drink while eating the 'heaty' Durian. The nutmeg juice here is not so 'pure' as it has been mixed with plenty of sour plum. Anyway, for someone alike me whom dislike the strong nutmeg's aroma, you'll enjoy the taste. Besides, the Rambutan红毛丹 here is FOC (Free of Charge). What you need is only the skill of plucking by yourself...
I'm not so fancy about Durian but my boyfriend is. It's funny to see him laze around after a satisfying Durian's lunch...

Have you ever been to Taiwan? If yes, what is your most unforgettable snacks?

Shihlin士林 is a place in Taiwan that I guess most tourists will not forget about their wide selection of street snacks. One of my favourite is the skinless and fat free fried chicken fillet. Here I get this XXL Crispy Chicken超大鸡排 at Shihlin Snacks士林台湾小吃. They're the franchise with small store concept that can be located inside Queensbay and AEON Seberang Jaya. The XXL Crispy Chicken is garnished with chili powder before serving. I do enjoy the saltiness, spiciness and crunchiness except that the meat is slightly thicker comparing to what I've in Taiwan.
Wandering around and window shopping, the XXL Crispy Chicken is indeed a nice snack that I can tag along and to fill my stomach.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time to Write About Pancakes... PHOP

PHOP or is known as Paddington House of Pancake, located at Level 1 Queensbay Mall. It has been operating for quite some years yet unable to be well-known to attract more customers. Why? I guess it's partly due to the design and decorations of the restaurant. Imagine, who'll want to have pancakes in a fine dining alike restaurant?

Turning into the menu of PHOP, I'm amazed that what can a pancake do. It's no longer once upon the time... Pancake can be as main course or dessert, salty or sweet, with meat or sugar; you can eat pancake in any ways that you can spell it. Like it says '100 delicious pancakes, 1 tough decision', I've indeed drown in the various selections of pancake. Anyway, I've decided to go for the Crepes with Seafood Marinara. Crepes is belonged to the thinnest category in the family of pancake. An interesting presentation of pancake, the seafood cooked with the tomato-based sauce is wrapped inside the crepes. The chef has put in too much cheese; the taste is too cheesy that my squid and prawn are swimming inside the sauce. I like the freshness of the seafood and the sourness of the tomatoes that go well together, but not to have my crepes drowns in the sauce.

PHOP is an interesting place that it recommends the amazing ways that I can have my pancake. Yet, is it ideal to create such 'elegant' ambient for pancakes? It's up to you to decide.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

42th Birthday Celebration, a Year Older!

A year older and Franky has decided to celebrate his birthday at That Little Wine Bar. An old man's sayings that 'this maybe his last birthday' and thus we've decided as a must to attend this 42th grand celebration. This is a European dining session and Chef Tommes has guaranteed that we'll have the most delicious dishes ever after.

The main character are the sparkling golden brown Suckling Pigs. Outside is the thin and crispy skin and inside is the soft and tender meat, it's a sin to my diet but... Who cares! The skin is a little bit salty for me but I just can't stop myself to taste the crispiness in my mouth. Followed by is the Schweinerollbraten that means meat roll. I'm unsure the exact ingredients that Chef Tommes has stuffed inside the pork but it's normally some chopped onions, nuts or sausages with some herbs as seasoning. The roasted pork meat is juicy while together with the inner ingredients to enhance the taste.

Additionally, my favourite is the Blaukraut or Rotkraut. The cabbage is fermented in the red wine that gives it a nice aroma. A traditional or typical German side dish is the Kartoffelknödel or it's easier to be known as potato dumplings. The breadcrumbs are stuffed inside the mashed potatoes and steamed to cook. Not my dish because it's making me feeling so full.
A lot of meat and all is pork... I'm totally satisfied and felt so full with the dishes. Hoping that the birthday boy has enjoyed as much as we do.

王昭君... I'm Here Finally!

Wang Chau Jun王昭君酸辣鱼头米粉 is famous to serve their Sour and Spicy Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup; located at Rangoon Road Penang. I want to go, I have to go... Repeated nags since months ago and here I've finally made it, to try and to spell out the taste with my own taste bud.

First order is the Wong Chau Jun Special王昭君酸辣鱼头米粉 that we've asked for fish meat instead of fish head. The sourness and spiciness of the soup, each spoon is very refreshing and it's really stimulating my appetite to ask for more. Moreover, the fish meat is very fresh and has been sliced thinly that it can just melt in my mouth. Looking innocent with the white milky soup, but the taste... Bravo, I like it! Another not to be missed is the Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun鱼片蒸河粉; the slices of fish meat are steamed together with the Hor Fun in the soy sauce. The salty sauce and the tasteless Hor Fun have somehow matched up perfectly in taste. Additionally, we've tried the Fried Fish Meat Bee Hoon炒炸鱼肉米粉. Fried fish meat to go with the Bee Hoon in soy sauce, taste not bad but not my favourite after all.

Talking about side dishes, we've selected 'Wu Xi' Spare Ribs无锡排骨, Honey Drumstick蜜汁鸡腿 and Wong Chau Jun Special Toufu招牌豆腐. 'Wu Xi' Spare Ribs is a famous dish from 'Wu Xi' in China that the stressed points are to ensure that the meat is tender, the bones are crunchy and the tastes should be the mixture of sweetness and saltiness; an appetizing dish. This is my first try but I do find the taste is interesting. I do really like the soft and tender spare ribs. Honey to create the sweetness and stickiness outside the fried chicken drumstick, this dish turns out to be quite ordinary for me. Another dish into our stomach is the Toufu. I like the idea whereby the chef has put in some chopped dried shrimp and cuttle fish, to create the saltiness in the sauce.

With complete satisfaction, I'm happy that I've finally made it to report about the delicious dishes here.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Try Out Myself, the Taste of Ferringhi Garden!

Ferringhi Garden, a restaurant that is well-known by food blogger and Penangites. I've read through many articles that have triggered my curiosity to try out the taste of the food here. Here is more to an open-air concept of restaurant being surrounded by various plants and trees. The dining tables and chairs are placed among the greens, an interaction to the fresh environment. If you prefer somewhere that you can feel the air-conditioner, there you can choose a seat inside the dining hall.

The starter for every guests here, the Cheese Baguette. Quite nice but too cheesy for me.

Quoted as the 'Best Steak in Town', Attila has decided to go for the medium-cooked Steak. I can't remember the name exactly but it's served with the black pepper sauce. The black pepper sauce is so just-to-taste and coupled with the beef that is tender and juicy, Attila is satisfied with his meal. Anyway, the meat is a little bit bloody and chewy for me; I guess I'm not the specialist of Steak. I've insisted to try the Seafood Marinara Linguine here. Neither the seafood is fresh nor the tomato sauce is tasty, I don't think Italian Pasta is the specialty here?!!

You can say Ferringhi Garden is a restaurant that is lying in a beautiful garden. I'm not very fancy about the menu here but gathering with a bunch of friends and able to enjoy a nice view while having my food, I think this 2-in-1 solution is not bad after all...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Asking for Desserts at Delicious...

Delicious is the franchise cafe that is developed under E&O group and has bloomed up in Malaysia; starting from Kuala Lumpur till the current branch that is placed at Straits Quay, Penang. My eager to visit Delicious Cafe is because for its various selection of desserts. Painted in light blue and white only and decorated with the bird cages; creating a cozy ambient for people to hunger for a meal here or to laze in for a cup of coffee or afternoon tea.
To complete my mission, I've ordered a Lemon Meringue Pie while Attila has decided for a Carrot Cake. I'm satisfied... A sour lemon's filling and a sweet cream on top, every single taste is completing each other. But, will it be more surprised if the cream is a bit sweeter?!! It's interesting that the chef has added poppy seeds to create some crunchiness in the pastry skin. The Carrot Cake is coated with the cream cheese and garnished with a carrot-shaped Marzipan on top. We like both the lightly-taste cheese topping and the Marzipan but the carrot cake... can't find any smell of carrot inside. The portion of cinnamon is too much that the strong aroma has covered up the sweetness of carrot.

A cup of Long Black Coffee to complete my day and a Peppermint Tea for Attila. Not too much comments about the coffee and tea here but Attila feels quite disappointed as the peppermint is not aromatic and strong enough.
50% marks for my 1st visit because of the ugly tasted carrot cake but I'm still happy to wonder for the wide selection of desserts that I can try here. Hopefully, I'll no longer be on the waiting list for my next visit; too many customers for this newly opened cafe...

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