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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Roadside Stall at Night

As I've always seen it in Korea's Drama, the hawker stalls along the street in Seoul is a popular scene that we can find at night. It's the curiosity that we've decided to try out one of the stall that is located at Namdaemun Market.

Whispering in my mind that "OMG, only Korean Language!", luckily they've English Menu here. We're served with the soup as starter but I dare not to taste it because I've a feeling that it's meant to wash the spoon. Additionally, the yellowish pickled radish is served as a side dish. The colour looks appetizing and Phui Yee comments that it's tasty as well.

Just randomly picking, we've chosen the Seafood Pancake, Ramen and the mixture of Chicken and Pork Sticks. The pancake is full of sliced squid but it's tasteless whereby the flour is too thick and it's just too sticky. I like the Ramen as the soup is so spicy that it warms me up during this windy night. Anyway, this seems to be the Korean Instant Noodle that we can purchase in any grocery stores. Apparently, the platter of the grilled sticks doesn't consist of chicken and pork only but it comes with "unknown" meat that I think it should be the intestine. The garnishing with the sweet-based sauce and sesame has indeed beautified the outlook of the meal but the strong smell of the pork and the intestine has made the grilled meat to taste awful.

This is such a regretful experience that we'll never visit the roadside stall again. The food is neither tasty nor clean that the girls have a bad night to stay with the toilet bowl.

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