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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tofu at Dolkemaeul Tofu House

The grilled meat is not opened and the girls have decided to bring me to the Dolkemaeul Tofu House that is located at Sinchon. Tofu that is cooked in the soup and being served in the claypot is one of the most famous and common dish in Korea. It comes in different broth that can be either creamy or spicy and then to go with the rice. It's not really a good opening at Dolkemaeul whereby the owner is forcing Su Yee to order 5 dishes while we've insisted to share 4. The owner is so unfriendly with his "charcoal" face that I've almost to label "Angry Bird" on his forehead.

Su Yee to in-charge, we've ordered a set of Sud-Bulgogi with Iced Noodle, a set of Ddokkalbi with Seafood Soft Tofu and additionally Oyster and Green Perilla Soft Tofu respectively. The Sud-Bulgogi is the sliced pork that is char-grilled and then being garnished with sesame and spring onion. The thinly sliced pork is quite tasty but the meat is a little too dry. As usual, Su has enjoyed the Iced Noodle by herself but it's not as delicious as the meal at Myeongdong. The Ddokkalbi is the pork patty that is made of the minced pork and the meat is very juicy and tender even it's quite thick.

I'm more attracted to the Soft Tofu that I've the chance to try out the various flavours of Seafood, Oyster and Green Perilla. The correct way to enjoy the Soft Tofu is to hit a raw egg into the boiling soup and then mixing the ingredients quickly yet thoroughly in order to smash the tofu and the egg completely. The Seafood and Oyster Soft Tofu are both spicy-based whereby the earlier contains the sweetness and freshness of the seafood while the later has a strong smell of the oyster. The Green Perilla tastes weird on the 1st spoon but it gets smoother further and it has a strong and nice aroma of the herbs. We prefer the spicy soft tofu soup as it's more appetizing than the creamy Green Perilla but the later tastes indeed very special. This is not the best soft tofu that I've ever tasted because I find that the tofu is actually too "hard" whereby it's supposed to be crashed into small pieces for the thickening of the soup.
(Source of Wikipedia: Perilla)

We've fun of sharing our meal here. The dishes are indeed quite tasty and the most amazing fact is that I don't feel thirsty that I've used to have in Penang despite after completing the whole claypot of the soft tofu soup.

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