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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Snow Ball, We need a Hammer!

It's originated from Rothenburg, Deutschland and it's called Schnee Ballen or Schnee Pang. I call it as Snow Ball but we've neither heard nor tasted this special dessert. It's seriously triggering our curiosities as we've never seen it in any part of Germany before. Besides, it's interesting to us that we need a hammer in order to eat this dessert.

We've found this Snow Ball in front of the Trick Art Museum at Jeju Island. It's indeed not cheap by costing at ₩3,500 each. It's actually cookies that have been pressed into a ball-shape that is then being coated with different flavours of cream such as dark chocolate, white chocolate or even strawberry. The speciality of this dessert is to knock or more suitable is to smash it down with a wooden hammer because the ball is in fact very hard and compact. The cookies are quite similar with the "ribbon peah" that we tend to make during Chinese New Year or in short, the stripes of flour mixture that have been fried. The Snow Ball is tasteless except the most outer skin that has been coated with the chocolate. Anyway, the chocolate is not thick and it's not strong in taste.

It's interesting and it's special but it's definitely not delicious. I think Elaine has a fun time to crash the Schnee Ballen but we've not enjoyed the taste at the end.

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