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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

100% Natural at Brickpop

"It's Colourful"
"It's Attractive"
"It's Healthy"
"It's Natural"

Wholesome by Great Nature, this is what Brickpop is presenting to the customer. The ice cream that is sold here is claimed as "Always be 100% Natural". Every single ice cream that is standing inside the fridge looks so attractive and it's indeed quite hard for us to link colourful together with healthy. Su and Phui Yee are so tempted to the ice cream and they've chosen the Tomato & Kiwi and Temptation respectively. The Tomato & Kiwi tastes very refreshing from the Tomato while it's sour due to the Kiwi fruit. Temptation is the mixture of Wild Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Orange and Lemon whereby it's sweet yet sour and at the same time coming together with strong taste and aroma from the Berries and Banana. This is definitely a special combination of fruits but I indeed prefer the Tomato & Kiwi for its freshness. I like Brickpop for the fibre of the fruit that we can really feel it in the mouth.

This is seriously a good idea to produce healthy and delicious ice cream. Time to teach LP, if she can reproduce such deliciousness for us.

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