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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Black Pork at Jeju Island

One of the meal that is not to be missed is the Black Pork at Jeju Island that the pig is named from its black skin. The Koreans enjoys the grilled black pork for the nice aroma of the meat itself. There has been too many restaurants that are serving grilled meat and we've decided to pick one that is claimed to be "the best grilled meat at Jeju Island济州最好吃的烤肉" by 宝健路.

Surprisingly that Mandarin is useful at Jeju Island whereby the waiters are speaking the language while the menu is also written with Chinese additionally. We've ordered the Grilled Black Pork or tojong heuk dwaeji黑猪肉, Thin Slice Grilled Pork Belly or daepae samgyeopsal薄削肉 and Assorted Grilled Pork or dwaeji modeum gui烤猪肉拼盘 that consists of moksal with hangjeongsal and gabrisal or the pork neck and the pork shoulder meat respectively. Without using any oil or butter, the pig skin is indeed the best lubricant to be used on the grilled plate. Look at the colour of the meat, it's getting brownish slowly on the fire! Then, the meat is cut into small cubes that it can be cooked completely. The speciality about eating Korean Grilled Meat is to wrap it with the green leaf and then being topped with the mixture of oil and salt and the chili paste. It's kind of interesting to try the Sesame Leaf as it has a very nice smell and refreshing taste that is good with the meat. Talking about the Black Pork, the meat is not only smells and tastes good but also juicy and tender. I'm not fancy with vegetable that I've decided to match the meat with the raw onion in the sour-based sauce and it's definitely tasty.

We're totally satisfied with the grilled meat here. The side dishes and also the soup are both delicious as well. This is the most perfect dinner for everyone as we're recharged with sufficient protein.

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