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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Café Scholz, This is What I Call a Good Service

Can you read and tell me the name of this place? I'm at first knowing that I can get my food and drink here and thus, I've decided to drop by for my dinner. This is just my random pick, trying a new place anyway... Well, the name of the restaurant is Café Scholz and it's located at the D. Martin Luther Straße. The first sentences that the waitress tells me 'Sorry, I can't offer you an English Menu but just ask me and I can translate if you need any help'. This is what I call as a satisfaction, especially when I'm in a country where peolple are speaking a foreign language.

However, based on my simple understanding over some German grammars, I've ordered the Hähnchenbrustfilet Vom Grill. It's the grilled chicken breast meat that is served together with the fried potatoes with rosemary leaves and mixed vegetable in tomato-based sauce. I'm quite disappointed at first because the Chef has put in capsicum into the tomato sauce but luckily I don't taste the strong smell of capsicum that I've always hated at. I guess the sourness of the tomato has covered up the capsicum's taste? In fact, I think the sauce is more suitable and will be more delicious if to match with spaghetti. Anyhow, the chicken flesh is very tender and juicy. I love the most of the potaoes with the little crispy skin and also the nice aroma of the rosemary. To go with my food, I've definitely asked for a Weissbier and here I've my Franziskaner Dunkel.
I don't really have a very delicious meal at Café Scholz, maybe I've made the wrong choice?!! But, what I feel grateful is the attitude and good service from the waitress here. Maybe, this is just my sentiment while I'm alone in a new country... But, it's still great if to enjoy a good service, right?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Die größte Pizza in der Stadt, at Trattoria Marina

If you're searching for the biggest pizza in the Regensburg town, then don't miss out Trattoria Marina Restaurant, Cafe and Pizzeria that is located at the Stadtamhof. Their selling point is 'Die größte Pizza in der Stadt', it's not a joke because the Pizza here is 50cm in diameter. My boyfriend personally loves the Pizza so much that he'll never miss the opportunity to visit here whenever on his home trip back to Germany.

As usual, I've started my dinner with a Weissbier and I've decided to go for Thurn und Taxis Weissbier Dunkel. The wheat is very thick yet it tastes smooth at the end of the tongue.

Not to waste the 50cm Pizza, Melinda and I have decided to share a Pizza Quattro Stagioni that have been put with Tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Champignons or what is known as Button Mushrooms, Ham, Mailänder Salami and Artischocken. I guess that the Chef has been using fresh tomatoes for the base sauce because it's more watery, very refreshing and not too sour either. Furthermore, both the Salami and Ham are fresh and with just a perfect saltiness for the Pizza. What I like the most is, the Pizza is not too cheesy whereby the Mozzarella is just a thin layer to coat the dough, neither too much nor too little. The happiest thing about a good Pizza is that you'll enjoy even the plain dough skin itself. Oh ya, the Pizza comes in 50cm round shape! Our Pizza has been requested for pre-cut in advanced ;)
I'm waiting to see how my Boyfriend will react when he sees all the pictures of the Pizza at Trattoria Marina. By the way, it's grateful that his sister likes the Pizza as much as I do...

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A Random Pick, the Pizzeria Da Tino

Too many pizzeria that you can choose from; Melinda and I have decided to go for the Italian's Restaurant that we've found at the Haidplatz, Pizzeria Da Tino. Part of the driven force is I want to sit outside to enjoy the rare sunshine that I can have during this Summer time in Regensburg and also to enjoy a nice Weissbier. ErlBräu is being served here.

I'm not capable to finish the 33cm Pizza and to cater for our preferences, we've ordered a Pizza mit Salami und Artischocken. The Salami is slightly softer and not as tasty as my favourite brand of Hungarish Salami but in overall, it's still delicious to have the salty Pork Salami on my pizza. A new knowledge to me, Artischocken or what is known as Artichoke in English, is a type of plant that you can get it in the Southern Europe whereby the edible part is the bud of the plant. It's soft and a little bit sour because it's sold as pickled vegetable in the can. What I love the most about Italian Pizza is the thin and crispy dough.

I guess Attila is jealous that I'm having Italian Pizza here. Pizza at Da Tino is slightly cheesy for me, yet it's still quite a good combination of Salami with Artischocken.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

In the Bavaria Forest, Where You'll Like for an Apple Most

Thanks to Susanne's Mom to show me Stüberl, a place inside the Bavaria Forest that is famous for the Wine, Most and Bier. But, more accurate to say, the selling point here is the Apple Most. According to Susanne, Most is the fermented alcohol that is made from apple but before it achieves the level of Wine.

Look at the the 0.25L kleine glass of Most, clear and it seems so innocent! But, guess what? The owner rejects to sell me the groß Apple Most of 0.5L. Truly to say, Most is an easy drink that is smooth at the end of tongue. However, the strong alcoholic impact will come afterwards. An advice, drink slowly and steadily! Additionally, Thanks again to Susanne's Mom that has ordered a Mediteraner Teller for fill our hunger. It's a salami, ham and cheese platter with the potato salad. I've enjoyed this afternoon snacks so much; in fact I'm the only person whom has finished all the salami by myself ;)

Straußwirtschaft means it's opened during certain period of time whenever you see the flowers are blooming and they're put in front of the house. Summer is just the most perfect time for Stüberl where people are sitting around to enjoy the sunshine and a glass of Wine, Most or Beer.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Italiano Restaurant? Cafe Del Camino at Deggendorf

On my 1st weekend in Regensburg, I'm grateful that Susanne has kindly brought me for a visit to her hometown. We're so hungry and she has decided to show me Cafe Del Camino that is located at Deggendorf, a small town that is nearby the Bavaria forest. Everything seems to be so simple; just sitting at the corner and enjoying the Summer sunshine.

I've decided to go for a cup of black coffee and the Serranoschinken Sandwich or it's the Chicken Ham Sandwich. Serrano ham is the raw meat that is served in thin slices. Together with some tomato slices, mustard and cheese; this is how the Serranoschinken Sandwich is served here. I've indeed enjoyed the smoothness of the meat when it goes into my stomach. The sandwich tastes good except that the mustard is a little bit too much or it's too salty for me. Well, I'm Asian...
I love the time at Cafe Del Camino, especially this day with Susanne is a nice sun-shining day for us.

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Nice Evening at Biergarten... Alte Linde

A recommendation of must-to-do in Regensburg is to visit the Biergarten for a Weissbier after a day at work. Biergarten is somehow an open-air restaurant whereby people are sitting down to eat and drink. The environment is being surrounded by trees and stones; enjoying your beer in a garden.

Together with Melinda, we've chosen Alte Linde Biergarten that is located just beside the Steinerne Brücke. The most attractive criteria for me is the nice view of Danube from this Biergarten. Moreover, the big stones that have built up this restaurant are just astonishing. Look at the floor, the small stones and the leaves...
They're serving Kneitinger Weissbier here. As usual, I'm going for my Weissbier Dunkel. Kneitinger is somehow quite dry and the it tastes a little bit too 'thin' for me. But, not too bad that I've a delicious meal of Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut, Senf und Semmel. The Bratwurst or the Pork Sausage is compact and they're grilled to create the crispiness on the outer skin. It's just so lovely that they serve Händlmaier Senf or my favourite sweet mustard here. I like as well the tasty Sauerkraut that is dry and not 'muddy'. Oh ya, Semmel means small and round bread roll! Like it or not to have it with Bratwurst, it's up to you.
If you're in Germany, please drop by the Biergarten here. It's a great place to relax and to have a nice Weissbier, with a cheaper price that you can't get in Malaysia.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cold Summer... Chili Con Carne at Cafe Felix

Windy and the temperature is about 13 to 14°C, this is such a cold Summer in Regensburg. I've decided to drop by at the Cafe Felix; attracted by the crowd whom are sitting at the open-air under such weather.

I've decided to treat myself to a hot bowl of Chili Con Carne and it's served together with some Baguette. By its name, it's a spicy stew that is cooked from the mixed ingredients of chili pepper, garlic, onion, minced meat and sometimes added with tomatoes or beans. Here in Cafe Felix, the Chef has added corns into the Chili Con Carne as well. It tastes quite nice because the fresh corns have indeed added sweetness to the soup itself. Anyway, I don't like the plenty of tomatoes inside the dish whereby the sourness has in fact covered up the spiciness that I want to taste. Oh, I really miss the Chili Con Carne from my Boyfriend now...

Cafe Felix is serving the Bischofshof Weissbier, history since year 1649? I'm the fans of Dunkel but Bischofshof Weissbier Dunkel is slightly dry, not so smooth at the end of the tongue.
Alone in the big city, I'm quite satisfied with this bowl of hot Chili Con Carne... But, I'll definitely want to taste my Boyfriend's home-cooked meal again.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Stammtisch... Tuesday Night in Penang; Dienstag Abend in Regensburg

Reporting from Regensburg, that I'll be here for 2months...

It's Tuesday night and it supposes to be our 'Stammtisch' or regular table in Penang. Wandering on Regensburg streets by myself, I've decided to drop myself a German meal tonight, a real 'Stammtisch' alive in Germany. By random, I've discovered the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus that is located at Schwarze Bären Straße. One information that I've understood from their menu, they're serving Gegrillte Schweinshaxe mit Kartoffelknödel und Sauerkraut on every Tuesday. In other word, I can get the German Pork Knuckle tonight.

Let's start with a Weissbier and I've ordered their Weissbier Dunkel. It tastes quite smooth and under the cooling weather, the beer just stays cool always...

Per serving, I've started to regret because the portion is just too big for myself alone here. Both the meat and the skin are too hard, I think it has somehow been over-grilled that the juiciness has been evaporated. No doubt that the skin is very crispy but the Chef has lost the touch of balancing between the crispiness and tenderness, that the lean meat has in fact become too chewy. Kartoffelknödel is the steamed potatoes ball that is made from raw and cooked potatoes with some cream while Sauerkraut is the traditional pickled cabbage. I'm not the fans for Kartoffelknödel because it makes me feeling too full always. Too bad too say that I don't like their Sauerkraut as well as it tastes too sour.

I start to wonder about the Stammtisch in Penang... How are my boyfriend, Suzy, Leni, Berndie and Franky?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Eating Pan Mee板面 at Hou Mei Yuen好味园

Pan Mee板面 is a type of noodle whereby it's wide width and long length are alike wooden plank. The noodle is made from flour and egg, then being flattened into the width by customers' requests. Normally, you can choose to have 板面 in soup or to have it being prepared as dried noodle.

Hou Mei Yuen好味园 is located under the big tree at the apartment area, just behind the Double Good Restaurant nearby Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall. The 板面 is just simply mixed with the dark soya sauce, garnished with some minced pork, black fungus and fried anchovies, then being served with a small bowl of fish ball with vegetable soup. But, I like the noodle here because of it's thick dark soya sauce that has added a nice aroma and taste to the noodle. In fact, the noodle is quite sweet that you'll need to balance it with their specially blended Chili paste.

Different people with different preferences. My colleague like to mix the Chili paste into the soupy noodle, how about you?