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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rice Ball

Talking again about rice, I'm recommended to try out the Rice Ball饭团 at somewhere about Sinchon. It's kind of an easy take-away that I just have to place the order at the Kiosk Machine. I'm curious... What kind of rice ball that it can be?

I'm recommended to try the fish-based instead of the pork-based rice dumpling. My 1st bite, "OMG, it's so yummy delicious!" that I just can't stop my eagerness over this simple rice stuff. It's actually the rice that has been mixed thoroughly with the chopped fish meat and being filled with pickled radish that has been put in with Mayonnaise and also sliced chili. Then, the rice ball is compacted and finally being coated with the seaweed. Surprisingly without any fishy smell that the fish goes well with the rice and being matched with the sourness of the pickled vegetable and spiciness of the chili, the taste is amazing despite the simple procedures of making it. Of course, I'll ask for more chili if it's possible. By the way, it costs me only ₩1,500.

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