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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Black Charcoal at Spade's Burger

The pictures have been kept inside my laptop for almost 2 weeks and I've finally started to share about the Spade's Burger that has opened at Bangunan Lip Sin. The symbolic sign of this restaurant is their charcoal bun that looks really shiny black in colour. I like especially their creative idea of the order cards that are mimicking the designs of the porker cards.

The best seller here is the pork menu but chicken thigh meat is also available as limited edition. Attila has taken the Full House of Pork that consists of double pork patty, double cheddar cheese and double bacon strips while I've ordered the Black2 Jack that comes with single chicken thigh and single cheddar cheese. Each of the burger here is sandwiched with fresh lettuce and roasted tomato, then being layered with Spade's Patty Sauce and lastly being topped with Spade's Burger Sauce. The double pork patty looks very thick but it's indeed not troublesome to eat the burger here whereby the burger is handcrafted in the most perfect way that it's able to be hold in hands properly. Both of the pork patty and the chicken thigh meat are very juicy and tender but I guess I'll prefer if the chicken meat is grilled longer that it's slightly burnt at the outer skin. The sweet-based sauce is not so strong in taste but it matches the burger completely and it doesn't make me feeling too full or oily. Not to forget about the soft and fluffy bun and the speciality that they're using the cherry tomato, at least during my visit?!!

Attila still prefers the Marshall's Burger but the Spade's Burger is still considered one of the best. We've definitely enjoyed the deliciousness of the burger here. Furthermore, it's very near to our house. Oh ya, they're opened only from 630pm to 11pm and they're closed on Thursday!

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