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Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Grand Duck King... The Emperor of the Duck???

Being attracted by its name, The Grand Duck King帝王鸭 that Attila and I are so keen to visit this restaurant that is located at the LG floor of Hotel Tentrem. In the Chinese words, it means indeed "The Emperor of the Duck" whereby we've an unlimited imagination on what can be expected here...

The bestseller is the Peking Duck yet they offer half as the smallest portion in the menu. Thus, we've decided to take the Roasted Duck that is offered in quarter, just a perfect size for the sharing of two. The nice aroma of the roasted duck has superseded its taste once it's served. Removing the thick fat, the crispiness of the duck skin with the lean meat go well with the dark plum-based sauce. It's very appetising and delicious despite the meat is slightly chewy for my weak teeth. Besides, we've decided to order the Stir-Fried Chicken with Dried Chili that is also known as "Gung Pao" sauce. It's marvellous, I can't imagine any other better or more delicious Gung Pao Chicken that I've ever tasted or I'll taste again! The sauce is superb and together with the chicken meat that is very juicy and succulent, a little spiciness makes it a very appetising dish!

We've also shared a Fried Rice with Dried Scallop, Shrimp and Egg White. It's not oily and it tastes very refreshing indeed. The saltiness is mainly from the dried scallop only that some people may find the fried rice as quite tasteless.

We've enjoyed a delicious meal at The Grand Duck King. Try it once and you'll never regret! Wondering and checking if they've a franchise in Malaysia...

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Kayu Manis... the "Sweet Wood" or the Cinnamon!

Our short trip to Yogyakarta and I've decided for the Hotel Tentrem. This is a great hotel that we've enjoyed the combined Asian & Continental Breakfast, the executive lounge, the swimming pool, the gym and especially the friendliness of the staffs. This is a luxurious backpacking trip that we think that it's worthwhile being compared to the relaxation that we've had.

Too hungry yet we've been too lazy to walk around that we've decided to dine-in at the Kayu Manis Coffee Shop that is located at the LG floor. No idea that why the coffee shop is named Kayu Manis or it means also Cinnamon. We've ordered the Classic Italian Pizza and the Gudeg Kayu Manis. The Pizza is topped with Salami, anchovies, capsicum, olive, onion and both the Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Other than the base that is edible and as crispy as a cracker, the Pizza is so not authentic and it's definitely not a tasty one! Gudeg is a signature dish from Yogya that consists of Opor Ayam or chicken that is cooked with coconut milk, young unripe jack fruit that has been well-cooked with palm sugar and coconut milk that it turns soft and brownish, hard-boiled egg and the Sambal Krecek or the crisp beef skins. Gudeg is a sweet dish as there has been a plenty of coconut milk inside the platter. The jack fruit is an amazing experience for me as it tastes really special and it's indeed delicious. Besides, I like also the steamed rice that contains a nice aroma of the banana leaf. The chicken meat is tender and tasty yet the sauce is slightly too creamy that it's actually quite filling. A little scary part for me is the chicken claw that is served together with the drumstick.

Despite being stopped from taking pictures of the hotel's property, I've still insisted to snapshot our food. I hope that this is not a violation that I'll be sued...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Early Morning at the Tanjung Bungah Market... Pie or Puff!

Have you ever heard about the famous chicken pie at Tanjung Bungah Market? No one has the clue about the name of the shop or indeed a corner but it's the Stall No. M45 inside the food court. Su has been talking about it and it's touching that she has tried her luck for a few times, just to buy us a puff or a pie each. The business starts from 6am till about 11am on every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Despite the 5hours, the pies or the puffs have normally been booked since the 1st hour itself or from the day earlier.

I've an Egg Tart and a Chicken Pie for myself. The aunt is making the puffy dough whereby the pastry skin is indeed layer by layer, that it feels so light and fluffy. The center of the egg tart is filled with a thick layer of egg custard. It's neither too creamy nor milky and I've somehow enjoyed the smoothness of the egg. The maximum thickness of the egg with the most minimum layers of pastry, I'm asking for more egg tarts indeed. On the other hand, I don't really like the tomato-based chicken puff that contains chunks of chicken meat, potato, mixed vegetable and hard-boiled egg. The sauce is not really very delicious while it's a must to eat the puff while it's hot, before it's getting soggy!

The morning breakfast is a treat from Su... Yummy, yummy! The best-seller chicken pie has been fully booked at 6am in the morning. It's a small disappointment as I'm actually very keen to try out the pie. Well, I'm more a fan for the solid pie's skin rather than the fluffy puff's dough!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's Simple, It's Famous... the Popiah

It's famous that the stall is always crowded with customers, it's posted in the tripadvisor; this is the Popiah from the Padang Brown.

Popiah is indeed the Chinese-style fresh spring roll. The wrapper of Popiah is the soft, thin paper-type and whitish skin that is made of wheat flour. At Padang Brown, the speciality is the "added-ingredient" (加料) of the crab meat whereby each Popiah will cost RM 3.00 instead of the standard price RM 1.90. The Popiah skin is firstly swept with a layer of sweet sauce and chili sauce before being topped with the main ingredients that consist of lettuce, cooked turnip, chopped bean curd and fried onions. The readily-prepared Popiah is then poured with the broth of the cooked turnip, to enhance the sweetness and flavour of the spring rolls. I like the "biteness" of the crab meat, the softness of turnip and bean curd together with the crunchiness of the fried onions. It's appetising! The additional request that I'll indeed ask for, is to make it more spicy. If you dislike to have the Popiah in the soupy broth, just inform the aunt and your Popiah will be served "dry".

I've enjoyed the deliciousness of the Popiah. But, some people may dislike the fishiness of the crab meat. Well, let your taste-bud to decide it...