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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Breakfast at Paris Baguette Café

The difference between them is either the Kitchen or the Café. Paris Croissant is more alike a kitchen that meals are prepared and cooked while Paris Baguette is a bakery that we can purchase readily made bread or pastry here. It's a good idea to have breakfast here as we can decide for our choices of bread or pastry and to go with a bottle of cold yogurt or a cup of hot coffee.

Su and Phui Yee are definitely the morning people that need breakfast whereby they've taken the Chicken Croquet, the Mini Burger and a Sausage Baguette. This is my 1st time to try the Croquet and I find it to be delicious. It's crispy but it's too oily and heavy for me in the morning. Elaine and I have decided for the Soft Cheese Cake and the Chicken Quesadillas respectively. The cheese is not strong but the cake is very soft and spongy. I do quite like my Quesadillas except the capsicum inside.

I'm a little wondering that we don't really have such concept of bakery in M'sia. Isn't it a good idea for parents, students or workers to stop by for a breakfast in the morning?

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