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Monday, 27 April 2015

Edo Ichi the Japanese at Island Plaza

Regardless how many shops that have moved in and moved out from the Island Plaza, it still stands strong with the cold storage and some of the restaurants around. Being triggered by the girls, Attila and I have decided to try out the Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine for our brunch.

Ordering the Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Sarada or the fresh salad bowl, it's upset that the salmon skin is not available for the day. Alternatively, we've taken still the same salad but being topped completely with only the deep fried soft shell crab. They're providing 4 types of dressings that range from Goma (Sesame), Wafu (Japanese Style), Wasabi (Horseradish) to Ringo (Apple). The most famous or the most top in the list is the Goma or Sesame Sauce that is very thick, smooth and comes with a nice aroma of the sesame seeds. The dressing is so superb that it has completed the fresh salad, it's just so delicious and marvelous!

We've also taken the Ika Sugata Yaki, Shimeiji Butter and the Garlic Fried Rice. The whole Japanese Squid is grilled in Shioyaki Style or with salt only. The fresh squid goes well with the salt whereby the freshness of the seafood is really enhanced by the pure salt. I dislike the Shimeiji Mushroom that has been sauteed with butter as it tastes too sweet. I'm wondering if the Chef has mistakenly added the Teriyaki Sauce into this dish? The fried rice goes well, it's tasty.

For our 1st visit to Edo Ichi, I can only recall the deliciousness of the salad here. I'll re-visit here for their special homemade salad dressing while at the same time, I really hope to try out a delicious main course too.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Happy Birthday to William at Naughty Nuri's Warung

We've planned secretly for William's birthday celebration. To try out new place as well, Clony has suggested the Naughty Nuri's Warung that is located at Burmah Road. I've always thought that it's a pork-free restaurant by its name but apparently, it's serving the Balinese cuisine and the best seller here is the pork rib indeed.

The 1st dish that we've decided is of course the famous Pork Ribs. The whole rack of about 8 bones is coated with the brownish BBQ sauce whereby the meat has absorbed the marination sauce completely that it gets very soft and tender. Attila and William are so in love with their pork ribs!

We've also ordered the Naughty Boy Burger, Crispy Bebek and the Balinese Nasi Goreng. The burger comes with the homemade pork patty that has been spiced with various herbs and then being topped with a special ingredient that is the mango salsa. The pork patty tastes a little too complex due to the spices while the sourness of the mango is not really accepted by all as it doesn't match well with the salty minced pork. The Bebek is actually the fried duck. It's fried to the dark brownish that the meat is very dry while the outer layer is very crispy. The Sambal sauce plays an important role to add a little liquid to the crispy duck meat. I love this dish so much especially the Sambal sauce that is very appetizing with its spiciness and sourness. Anyway, you've to enjoy the process of biting the hard and dry meat in order to appreciate this dish! The fried rice tastes good but I dislike the smell that it's slightly over burnt.

The last to come is the Balinese Chicken Sate that is served with a piece of pineapple on the stick. I don't like the sweetness of the sauce but I've enjoyed the juiciness of the chicken meat.

A very surprise ending is the "Happy Birthday" song and dance that have been presented by the waiters and the waitresses. We've a fun time here and the food is indeed quite delicious. The taste of a few dishes are really unforgettable that I'll try it out again.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

All the Best to a Colleague & the Best Friend... at Rustic

Knowing that she has tendered her resignation, it's not a surprise for me. I respect her decision but to accept the fact that she's no longer there to chat with me, feeling wise is still a sad story. I've no clue what her new salary will be, but she has insisted to treat us to a dinner at the Rustic Restaurant that is located at the Vantage by Tanjung Bungah.

The bread with salted butter as the starter, it's soft and being served warm.

We've decided to share the Rustic Caesar Salad and the Modern Thai Beef Salad. The earlier dish is quite ordinary but we've all indeed enjoyed the marvelous beef salad! The salad is very refreshing being topped with the sweet and sour based Thai sauce and the most important character is the tender beef slices that has added marks to the salad.

I've "stolen" Su's main course for the photography session, the Braised Lamb Shank. The girls are satisfied with the soft and juicy lamb meat while it's just a little still smelly for me. I've forced Attila to share the 8 Hours Slow Braised Five Spices Short Rib and the Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop & King Prawns with me. The whole piece of boneless rib has been cooked till the meat is pulled off easily, it's juicy and tender. The sauce is not too sweet while the seasoning is sufficient with a balanced saltiness in the pork meat itself. We all love it! The latter dish is served with the truffle spaghetti. I've enjoyed the nice aroma of the truffle in the pasta noodle that is neither too oily nor too salty. The girls prefer more salt indeed. The big prawn is very fresh and juicy while the frozen scallop tastes just normal. Anyway, the Chef has creatively topped the pan seared scallop with the fish roe to add deliciousness to this small shellfish.

Su has decided to try out the Lemon Crème Brûlée as ending. It's delicious but I still prefer the original one.

A surprise to her that we've planned earlier to celebrate her birthday on the same day. A cake to her and a nice gathering picture... We've enjoyed the food and the ambient at the Rustic Restaurant. "Happy Birthday" and also a "Farewell" to Su, we'll definitely miss her.