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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pooh... Winnie the Pooh is in the Bar!

Dating at Koh Lipe Island, Attila and I have decided to visit Pooh Bar for our dinner. They've live music show that the songs have attracted us here that we should slow down for a dinner. The actual name is Pooh Bar Resort & Lotus Dive whereby they've not only bungalows for your stay on this beautiful island but they do also provide diving courses. This is the place that Attila and Frank have been certified as the Open Water Diver. But, I'm a little unsure about the existence of the Lotus Dive now as they seem to have closed down.

Starting with an appetiser, we've ordered the Deep Fried Prawn Patties. They look very delicious from the golden-brownish outer skin; crispy at the outside but soft at the inside. I find the inner ingredient is very special as the Chef has mixed in some glass noodles that it's very succulent. The patty is very juicy and it goes well with the Thai chili sauce that is sweet yet there's a little spiciness at the end of tongue.

We've decided to share the Thai main courses that are the Fried Pork with Fresh Mushrooms and the Green Curry with Chicken. The sliced pork meats are fried with various mushrooms and the white fungus in a salty-based sauce that is light yet tasty. This dish is really appetising with or without the white rice. The green curry is not up to my level of spiciness yet it's balanced between the chili and the coconut milk that the taste suits both of our appetite.

We're happy that we've made the choice to step into Pooh for our dinner. The deliciousness of the food is definitely worth for money. Besides, we've a wonderful time listening to the old songs that have reminded us about once upon a time...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New on Koh Lipe... SouvLucky Chicken Kebab

SouvLukcy Chicken Kebab is at least new to me. This stall is located at Walking Street by Koh Lipe and they open from 4pm onwards till... I guess late night, as late as they've the customers. On the right, the dough is mixed and the pastry skin is fried on the hot plate; On the left, the chicken meat is grilled and this is as well the station where the Kebab is finally produced.

It's fast and within only 1 minute, I've got my Chicken Kebab! The chicken meat, tomato, lettuce and onion are garnished with Mayonnaise and Ketchup that are then being rolled inside the pastry skin. The chicken meat tastes actually good as it's quite salty that it's able to match the creamy Mayonnaise sauce. However, the meat is slightly too dry. Besides, I do find the pastry skin is just thick and it's just too hard that I've finally given up to bite it.

The SouvLucky Chicken Kebab has attracted a lot of customers. People are waiting to try out this new taste on Koh Lipe Island. I'm disappointed as they don't have Tzatziki whereby this is one of the originality that has been missing for Kebab. Besides, I don't fancy over their Chicken Kebab as it's not really very delicious. The only cool thing is maybe the pirate's flag! By the way, the owner is as well very friendly.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Hungry... 1st Meal at Bundhaya Resort

No breakfast and no lunch, we're totally starving by the time we step onto Koh Lipe Island. Thus, we've decided to take the nearest restaurant at the Bundhaya Resort that we're staying in. Koh Lipe is still a beautiful island by the Andaman Sea since my last visit.

Attila has ordered the Pad Kra Prao Rad Khao that is steamed rice being served with stir-fried meat with garlic, chili and basil leaves. Either pork or chicken or beef, the meat is minced into small pieces and the taste is then being enhanced by the spiciness of the chili and the nice aroma of the sauteed garlic with Thai basil. The meat is juicy and tender and it's really appetising to go with the white rice. I've asked for the Gaeng Kiew Wahn or the green curry that is cooked with fresh vegetable, chili and sweet basil. I'm a little disappointed by the time the dish is served because of the light green colour. Apparently, the curry is really too milky that even Attila doesn't taste the spiciness of the chili.

"It's again a holiday with kids!", Attila has to take care the grown-up kids that get hungry always. It's surprising that the restaurant is overwhelmed with a lot of customers as I find the food is not so tasty.

Vienna is in KL

I'm just lousy without realising that Kuala Lumpur is such a multi-cultural city that I can find a Cafe Vienna inside the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). We're wandering around for food before bumping into this Austrian cafe and I'm attracted by the Sachertorte inside the display cabinet. Time to fill up the hunger and we've decided to make a break here.

Attila and I have ordered the Crème brûlée and the Sachertorte respectively. It's a little funny and weird that the Crème brûlée is garnished with some fresh fruit on top. Anyway, the idea is not bad though as the fruit has somehow added a little refreshing taste and sourness to this burnt cream that is sweetened by a thin layer of hard caramelised sugar. Besides, the texture of the cream is more alike pudding that it's slightly hard or "succulent". Sachertorte is a special chocolate cake from Vienna whereby two layers of dense chocolate cakes are sandwiched together with a thin layer of apricot jam before being coated in dark chocolate and then being served together with whipped cream. I can't recall the actual taste of this cake in Vienna but I'm not really satisfied with the Sachertorte here because the chocolate's taste is just not as rich as, the denseness is not as heavy as I'm expecting.
(Source from Wikipedia: Sachertorte)

It's somehow unexpected that my Fettuccine Truffle is very delicious. This is a cream-based pasta that is tossed with plenty of sauteed garlic and onions, truffle paste, cream and then being topped with truffles and Parmesan cheese. The dish looks simple yet I'm totally amazed by its taste whereby the saltiness is just right and the aroma is as well nice. By the way, this is the 1st time that I've tasted truffle and I'm impressed.

Neither the waiter nor the waitress has asked us about the sequences of the food that we've wanted to have but it's really not right that we're served with the cakes before the pasta. I find the food to be delicious and this is indeed a place that is worth to be re-visit. A strongly recommended advice, do remind them that your cake or dessert is to be served after meal!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Heading to Simpang Ampat for Seafood Porridge

*Ting*, the idea just comes and the fussies have suggested that we should try out the crab porridge that is located at Simpang Ampat. Our colleague CK is leading the way and here we're brought to Ai Suan Seafood Porridge愛媗現煮海鮮粥 as our original destination is closed on the day. Driving around the town, let me describe the location: Exit at Bkt Tambun Toll and then turn left at the T-junction. Next, turn right at the 1st traffic light. Do drive for about 5km and please watch out for this restaurant on your right.

It's somehow our unlucky day that the crab is not available as the Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner. We've then no choices but have to go for the "self-pick" ingredients自選料 that are then can be cooked either in clear soup清湯, Tomyam soup東炎 or with porridge粥. There's a wide selection of raw or fried ingredients that range from mantis prawn, pork slices, minced pork, fish balls, pork balls, vegetable balls, crab filaments, fresh mushrooms and vegetable to fried fish meat and bean curd. We've no preference but just picking every ingredients a bit by a bit for sharing.

YJ: "What do they have for the drinks?"
PY: "The Chinese Thing!"
YJ: "Ha???"
All: "Luo Han Guo罗汉果"
This is really a funny start for our dinner as Phui Yee has no idea about the name of the drink.

We've ordered the side dishes such as the Steamed Octopus豬母酸 and the Steamed La La蒸拉拉. Everyone is fascinated by the freshness of the octopus that it's tender and juicy except that the size is too big. We've a hard time to find a way to pick the octopus properly with the chopsticks. The dipping sauce is indeed the sweet chili sauce that is garnished with a lot of grounded peanuts and I like the peanuts! The Steamed La La is really appetising with the spiciness from the chopped chili and the sourness from the lime juice. Additionally, the Chef has used a lot of chopped garlic to create a nice aroma for this dish. It's just too bad that Attila and Elaine find it to be too spicy.

Here come our big pots of Mixed Porridge! The restaurant is boiling the white rice together with the broth inside the clay pot whereby you can still taste the "granules" of the rice. I find the texture of the porridge is quite appropriate for its "biteness" and it's as well not too soft. CK and I find the taste of the pepper is just too strong that it has override the sweetness of the soup but the rest of the gang likes it. Well, it's up to yourself to judge the taste!

I've drunk at least 1L of water after the meal and I think the culprit must be the Monosodium Glutamat (MSG). I feel a little regret about the meal and I'm wondering if the restaurant can cook a delicious porridge without using the MSG...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Symbol... Grandpa & Grandma

For me, they look like grandpa and grandma... This is the symbol for Meet Fresh鮮芋仙 that is selling the traditional Taiwanese dessert. They claim themselves as Taiwan No. 1 Best Sweet; what do you think? Here we girls have decided to give it the 1st try at the Gurney Paragon. The waiter has given us an electronic plate while waiting for our orders. If it's vibrating and the light is blinking, the desserts are ready and it's time to pick them up!

We've decided to share a cold dish of Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly鲜芋仙招牌 that contains herb jelly仙草凍, herb blended ice仙草冰沙, Taro Ball芋圆 and cream鲜奶油. Su and I have spent some time explaining to the guy that we don't want the Sweet Potato Ball yet it's just impossible. For us, the Taro and the Sweet Potato Balls are just awful as they taste exactly alike flour. They're chewy and they're tasteless. I'm wondering that this dessert can gain its popularity among the Malaysians. Besides, we've shared a plate of Q Mochi日式Q麻糬 that comes in the original原味 and the black sugar黑糖 flavours. They're poured with the syrup and then being coated with dried coconut. I find the Mochi to be quite ordinary but it's quite tasty from the sweetness of the sugar syrup and the crispiness of the coconut.
We've ordered also some drinks such as Super-Volume Milk Tea古味奶茶, Traditional White Gourd Tea古味冬瓜 and the Camellia Green Tea茶花绿茶. None of the drinks are really good except the Camellia Green Tea that is not too sweet and it has a nice aroma.
We're totally dissatisfied with Meet Fresh because the desserts are really not delicious. I've neither reason nor motivation to spend my money at this place again.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Pork, The Satay; at Pasar Pulau Tikus

My fussies are so hardworking to brainstorm every single ideas for my food blog. We're heading this time to Pasar Pulau Tikus浮罗池滑巴刹 for the Pork Satay. The market area is indeed being overwhelmed with different hawker stalls that are selling street food.

Wandering here and there, we've decided to take our seats at Lok Lok槟華樂樂 that is located at the center of the market. The owner has collected various ingredients that range from seafood, fish or meat balls to vegetable that the plates can be easily reached by us. They're serving 5 types of sauces such as Satay, chopped Torch Ginger Bud (Bunga Kantan) with onions, blended chili padi, chili sauce and the chili paste that have covered whole range of sweetness, sourness, saltiness and spiciness. I'm happy to find the Mantis Prawn here and it's so fresh that I love to have more and more...

Next dish is of course the Pork Satay. It's special that the Chinese Uncles are serving 2 types of Satay sauces that you can go either for the smooth sauce or alternatively, you can choose the rough sauce that contains bigger grounded peanuts. I like the rough sauce, how about you? I find the pork meat is indeed juicier and more tender than the chicken Satay. But, I'm not so fancy with the thick and big piece of fat meat on the stick.

Additionally, we've ordered the Siam Laksa and the Fried Koay Teow. Su and I find the Laksa to be quite good as we love the thick coconut milk inside the soup. Besides, I like the plenty of fish meat that is contained inside every scoop of the Laksa soup. The Fried Koay Teow is somehow disappointing us because it's actually quite tasteless. It's not salty and it's not spicy. Luckily, it's for sharing.

I do really appreciate the effort from the girls to workout a list about the places for food that I can target for this year. The food here is not really amazing but it doesn't taste too bad after all.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nearby the Bankers' Street, the Nasi Kandar

Our colleague insists that we should try out the Nasi Kandar that is located at the downstairs of Merlin Hotel by Lebuh Penang. It's also commonly being known as Bankers' Street as this is the main spot that all the banks are located. I've totally no clue about the direction to come here, I can just advise that to 'Look for Merlin Hotel'...

It's my first time here and I'm kind of panicked to see how fast the servant is working that I'm confused about what I want to have. A good hint is we should try their famous Curry Kampung Chicken. Thus, I've picked the curry chicken breast meat, some ladyfingers and a hard-boiled egg with my Tomato Rice. Alternatively, you can go for white rice. It's my favourite that I've asked for mixed sauces to flood my rice or it's known as 'Banjir'. I've definitely enjoyed the Nasi Kandar because the meat is really juicy and tender while the sauce is as well really delicious with a good balance between the sweetness and saltiness. Addition of a little spiciness at the end of the tongue, the level can be easily accepted by everyone and its taste is really good that I'm really wishing to ask for more...
I'm interested to visit the restaurant again as the taste is really enhancing my appetite to hunger for another plate of Nasi Kandar. I'm being informed that the restaurant is always overwhelmed by customers that you've to queue up obediently, unless you go there at 11am as we do :)