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Monday, 3 June 2013

Starting with P, the Pomato

On the way back to Hill House Hotel and we're still hungry for food on the rainy night. We've decided to stop by at a small restaurant that is called the Pomato. The menu is in Korean that we're able to order our food only by pointing to the pictures.

Our first dish is the Dukbokki or the Korean rice cake that is cooked together with the fish cake in a spicy paste that is made from the fermentation of chili pepper and then being served with a hard-boiled egg. The carbohydrate or the rice cake is indeed chewy and tasteless but the sauce is tasty. It's not too spicy but it's very appetising and I've of course preferred that it's spicier. Our next order is a seafood dish that is a thick beancurd soup that tastes quite sweet yet spicy. Another dish for sharing is the Ramen that is served with Pork Dumplings. I find that the noodle is slightly raw that it's hard whereby I'll definitely go for a softer type. On the other hand, the dumplings that are made of minced pork with chives and glass noodle are very juicy and they're delicious to go with the spicy soup.

The food is delicious here and it costs us at about ₩15,000 only. It's considered a cheap meal in Seoul. This is a warm meal that has indeed cheered our hearts on this cold night.

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