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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Hollow Ice Cream?

It's the center point of attraction... People are queueing! The decorations that are hanging from the roof look weird yet very interesting. Our curiosities have then triggered us to buy one for a trial.

Well, the tube-alike "thing" is to be filled with the ice cream. I find that it's the most suitable to give it the name "Hollow Ice Cream". Firstly, the shorter part or the end of the "J" tube will be filled before the salesman tops up the long part with the ice cream completely. Thanks to Su Yee to promote my food blog that we're getting more ice cream in the hollow tube. The texture of the tube is compact and it's slightly crunchy but it's tasteless, I'm indeed guessing it as "pig skin". Meantime, the ice cream tastes very weird that I find it to be alike medicine. None of us are willing to have another bite on the ice cream.

This is definitely an interesting experience but I'll not try this ice cream anymore.

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