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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Heaven Sent at Chocolateria San Churro

Chocolateria San Churro has gained the popularity among the Australian after its first setup in Fitzroy. I'm a little attracted by the special name "San Churro" that how the pronunciation is. Reading through the homepage, the legendary story starts in Spain whereby the Monk San Churro has declared the chocolate as the gift from God after the magic portion of the hot chocolate has healed the dying queen. Development through centuries or decades, the unique Spanish snack that is called San Churro and together with the heaven sent chocolate are presented through the Chocolateria. Here we're at Chocolateria San Churro that is located at Edae and it's nearby the Ewha Womans University, the most amazing art in Seoul.

We've decided to share the set of Fondue for Two that consists of the San Churro, a fondue of dark chocolate, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, banana, marshmallow and some biscuits. San Churro or the Spanish Doughnut is the long and lightly deep-fried pastry that is made of flour. Biting the starry-shaped pastry, it's very soft at inside but still very crispy at outside. Churro is a tasteless pastry that it's served with either cinnamon sugar or icing sugar here. Anyway, the chocolate as dipping sauce is still the most perfect match for the Churro. The chocolate is thick and it's very tasty but too bad that the portion is just too less. Other than the main characters of Churro and Chocolate, they're serving delicious ice cream here. We've indeed enjoyed the Vanilla more than the Chocolate for the nice small and the strong taste of the Vanilla.

I'm happy to try a new snack in Seoul. I'm wondering if the franchise is or will be available in M'sia. Indeed, I've stronger eagerness over their chocolate than the Churro.

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