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Monday, 3 June 2013

Bokkeumbap or the Fried Rice

Su Yee: "Let's have fried rice for lunch!"
We: "What? Fried rice in Seoul?"
Su Yee: "It's very delicious! Really!"
We: "...... Okla!"

Su Yee has decided to show us the Bokkeumbap or simply to be known as fried rice. It's hard for us to imagine the deliciousness or speciality of the fried rice in Korea and furthermore to think about having the dish in a country that is faraway from our homeland. It's a must that 5 of us have to order a minimum portion of 4pax that it's costing at ₩6,000 each. We've then decided to take the Marinated Chicken Galbi Special Fried Rice拼盘炒饭. The big frying pan that has been filled with raw ingredients such as chicken, beef, squid, leek, spring onion and onion is being served onto the gas stove and we're shown the way to get the fried rice being completed in front of our eyes. Meantime, the readily cooked rice that is topped with Korean Chili Paste, Pickled Vegetable or the Kimchi and also the Seaweed is standby on site. The rice mixture is then poured into the frying pan after the ingredients have been half cooked whereby you'll smell the nice aroma of the meat. It's quite special that the waiter is indeed pressing the rice continuously in order to get the fried rice to be mixed thoroughly. Amazingly, we've fell in love with this Korean Fried Rice! The beef tastes a little dry while the squid is chewy but the taste is definitely delicious. The fried rice is not too spicy that it can be accepted by any of us.

We're so thankful to Su Yee that she has recommended the Bokkeumbap to us. The dish is so special that I'll be very happy if it's introduced in Penang. Indeed, I'm missing the fried rice so much.

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