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Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Pork Sausage on the Street

Shopping along the streets at Myeongdong, Su and Elaine are attracted by the stall that is selling the pork sausages. The sausages are put onto the wooden sticks and being grilled before your eyes. They're hot and readily to be sold to you, just pick it!

The girls have chosen the stick with 5pcs of pork sausages. They're indeed different in the flavours whereby 1st is the Original, 2nd and 4th are the pork sausages that contain the rice cake at the middle, 3rd is the Chili while 5th is the Turmeric. They've enjoyed the saltiness and the tenderness of the sausages that are  made of minced pork meat. Besides, it's a great surprise that the sausages are varied in tastes. They dislike the tasteless rice cake and I think they'll ask the owner to exclude the rice cake if they've the chance to D.I.Y the sausages.

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