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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Griechische Spezialitaten or Simply Greek!

This is my first visit to Griechische or Greek restaurant in my whole life, Restaurant-Cafe Sotiri & Maria that is located at Barbing. My German colleagues hint me that Greek food taste heavy with their special herbs and spices yet I've no ideas what to expect for the menu.

My first browse to the menu, it appears alike the advertisement brochure or flyer for me. With a lot of wordings and colourful pages, deciding my meal is even a harder job. Asking for the recommendation from the waiter, I've ordered the Gyros mit Tsatsiki, Pita und Beilagensalat. Gyros is the traditional Greek dish of roasted meat whereby the meat is normally grilled to crispiness yet with sufficient fat to maintain the moisture of the sliced meat. Gyros can range from seafood to red or white meat but pork is the most common ingredient for a perfect Gyros meal. The specialty of Greek should be given to Tsatsiki, a type of yogurt sauce that is made mainly with cucumber. Tsatsiki sauce is kind of tasteless, but it's refreshing and the freshness of the cucumber is actually balancing up the strong saltiness of the roasted meat. The soft Pita bread is garnished with some herbs to give a nice aroma that is just nice to go with the meat as well.

I've indeed enjoyed my first Greek meal and I love especially the Tsatsiki sauce. The cooling, refreshing taste... somehow I'll not forget it.
Sotiri & Maria

Wondering if I'll visit Sotiri & Maria again because Barbing is just quite faraway from my apartment in Regensburg. Talking about my laziness and lack of knowledge towards direction, I really don't know how to go to the restaurant by myself. How to contain my eagerness towards Greek food? Here I've found Der Grieche am Herzogshof that is located at Alter Kornmarkt, simply somewhere beside Domplatz.

I've nearly made a mistake... Der Grieche am Herzogshof is actually located at level 1, not the tent or open area outside the building. Each of the guest here will be served with Ouzo; a type of aperitif or alcoholic drink that is taken before meal to stimulate the appetite. The alcoholic level is 38%!

By the way, I'm offered an English menu here. Thus, I've easily made my order to go for the Mixed Platter that consists of Fried Squid, Pork Shish Kebab, Gyros and Rice. Aha... Pork Shish Kebab is instead the skewer or the meat that is grilled on the metal stick. This meal is quite satisfying and as expected, the squid is not so fresh because Regensburg is not a town that is near to the seaside.
Der Grieche

If you ask me to compare between Sotiri & Maria with Der Grieche am Herzogshof, I'll choose Sotiri & Maria because they've made better Tsatsiki sauce. I myself as well prefer the saltiness and deliciousness of the roasted meat in Sotiri & Maria. This is still up to you to choose anyway...

Monday, 22 August 2011

Hidden Behind... Alte Kuchl am Königshof

Wandering around the streets of Regensburg town to search for a restaurant for my dinner and I've accidentally discovered the Alte Kuchl am Königshof that is hidden behind the houses, located in the middle of the small streets. I'm feeling surprise and wondering if this is a restaurant and if I should walk in, finally here is my blogging...

This is the first place in the town that I'm offered with an English menu and it's definitely easier for me to decide without the needs to get a translator. I'm in fact feeling quite full and thus I've decided to go only for the Salad with Tuna Fish. The salad doesn't look so appetizing ya?!! I feel quite disappointed with the outlook of my meal but I'm then astonished by the fresh vegetable and the delicious dressing. I don't bother about the Tuna as long as it doesn't have the stinky 'fishy' smell but I've really enjoyed the crunchy salad and the tasty sauce. A little sweet, salty and sour?
To go with... I've decided for Dunkel, the dark beer.

The best thing here is the warm welcome and nice service from the restaurant owner. This is the place that I've really a feeling that I'm not so lonely in this stranger town. It's definitely a restaurant that I'll explore into their menu.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Introduce Myself to Ungarische Langosch

I've nearly forgotten to write about this traditional Ungarische snack that I've tasted during the Mittel Alter Markt or the Middle Aged Market festival in Regensburg; people call it as Langosch.

Langosch is made from the flour whereby the dough that has been pressed into thin sheet is then fried before being served in your choices of favourite toppings. Langosch can be served either as sweet dessert such as with sugar, jam or as salty meal with cheese or sour cream. Melinda has shown me the way to eat Langosch in original Hungarian style that consists of sour cream, cheese and paprika sauce. For the past 29years, I've hated paprika so much that I'll never try any single sip of paprika but... I like the Langosch with the paprika sauce. Ungarische Langosch is kind of a heavy food that is quite oily and thus it's good to have the paprika sauce to neutralize the fatness in this special bread.
My understanding Boyfriend has been laughing about me that has started to like paprika because of Langosch. May this acceptance only be limited to Germany? Deutschland has better soil to plant a tasty paprika that can suit my taste ;)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My First Time to Dark Bier, at Weltenburg Kloster

Weltenburg Kloster is a monastery that is located by the Danube, near to Kellheim town. Travelling with the ferry across the Danube and passing the most famous 'Danube Narrows' to reach the abbey, I've indeed enjoyed a beautiful scenery along the river bank.

Wondering what you can do at Kloster Weltenburg? Well, eating and drinking here. Don't miss out to try the dark bier here, from the Weltenburg Brauerei. Dark Bier or as well known as Dunkel, is the clear black beer that is a little bitter and stronger in taste yet very smooth through the throat. Most people including myself like Dark Bier because it doesn't make me feeling full as how the Weissbier or wheat beer will cause. Additionally, I've ordered a Schweinhaxe to go with my beer. The size of the Pork Knuckle here is quite small and it's rather expensive. Oh ya, the restaurant is called Klosterschenke! It's alike fast-food concept here whereby the Sauerkraut has been prepared in advanced and my meal has indeed being served within 5minutes. It's cold and chewy, I really don't like the Schweinhaxe here.
Kloster Weltenburg is a tourist destination that you've to expect to spend some money here. Anyway, I guess I'm still grateful to enjoy the nice scenery of the Danube and the superb Dark Bier here.
Official Homepage

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It Looks Grand... Fürstliches Brauhaus

Brauhaus or Brewery House in English, is where the beer is brewed. I'm trying to search for a recommended Brauhaus in Regensburg and here I've randomly picked the Fürstliches Brauhaus that is located nearby Thurn & Taxis. It's in fact not too far from the Bahnhof, just exercising my feet for about 10minutes.

I've never imagined that the grand and beautiful building is the Fürstliches Brauhaus that I'm looking for. Stepping into the building, I'm amazed by the wide ground that people can sit down to relax for the pastime. Alternatively, you can choose to take a seat inside the big dining hall. As I'm not hungry, thus I've decided to try only their Marstall Dunkles or the Dark Bier. Dark beer is having a clear colour and it's a bit more bitter than Weissbier Dunkel. In fact, I like Dark Bier more and more each day because it's not making me feeling full like what I've by drinking the wheat beer (Weissbier).

I've indeed enjoyed a nice afternoon time by getting lazy with a mug of Dark Bier at the Brauhaus. This is what I call as enjoying my life to the fullest...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

It's the Ancient Historical Kitchen; Historische Wurstküche

If you're at Regensburg, don't ever miss to try the Bratwurst or sausages at the Historiche Wurstküche that is located just beside the Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge). What can you expect here? The Bratwurst is charcoal grilled on the 500-year-old historical kitchen. You may ask then, what can be so special about an ancient kitchen...

I'm interested to experience myself on the specialty of the Bratwurst here. I just can't imagine the crowd that I'm seeing on Sunday afternoon; Of course no empty seats, customers are standing to have their meal and people are queueing up just to take-away the Bratwurst Sandwich. I've decided to have the 'Bratwurstkipferl zum Mitnehmen' that costs me Euro 2,20. Simply 2 sticks of Bratwurst and the Sauerkraut with some senf or mustard, the deliciousness is just unbelievable! Let's start with the bread first... It tastes very fresh whereby the outer skin is crispy yet the inner is very soft. But, I'm the most impressed by the Bratwurst and the senf. The secret recipe here is the mixing of good grade ham into the Bratwurst whereby it tastes succulent and tender. Additionally, the senf is as well specially made that it tastes a little 'spicy' at the end of the tongue?!! The refreshing taste of these combinations have not made myself feeling oily or heavy over the Bratwurst and instead I'll like to order for more...

Bratwurst is a common food in Germany but this is seriously a must recommended place for Bratwurst in Regensburg. You'll not regret to queue up for just a simple 'sausage sandwich', at least I don't... Frankly speaking, this is my first experience to stand by the river side to eat my Bratwurst ;)