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Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Famous of Nibong Tebal at Lye Lee

Going to lunch, Choong has suggested the famous Pork Koay Teow and Seafood Porridge from Nibong Tebal. We're not driving across the bridge, the Restoran Lye Lee高淵利猪肉粉及海鲜粥 has been opened at 1-World by Bayan Lepas area.

Highly recommended by the owner, I've taken the Seafood Porridge海鲜粥 that contains Fried Fish炸鱼, Cuttle Fish鱿鱼, Mantis Prawn濑尿虾, Prawn虾, Helicopter刺螺 and Abalone Slice鲍鱼片. The porridge here is actually the rice being cooked in the broth that I can bite and feel the rice granules. The soup is sweet and it tastes very refreshing. I like all the seafood ingredients except the fried fish that is too bony and also the prawn as it's not so fresh. Anyway, I think that the seafood is still worth for the $$$ of RM 15 per person. Besides, thanks to Choong that has allowed me to capture a photograph of his bowl of Pork Noodle猪肉粉 that is served with instant noodle. It looks oily and heavy yet both the aroma and the taste are marvellous because of the sesame oil. One good point here is we're allowed to choose the carbohydrate that ranges from yellow noodle黄面, instant Maggi noodle即食面, Koay Teow粿條, rice vermicelli米粉 to porridge粥.
We've enjoyed our lunch here. The waiters are very friendly and the service is quite fast. We've to convince LP to coordinate this new place into the list for lunch.

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