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Monday, 17 June 2013

Mee Sua Kor at Ayer Itam

Everyone has been talking about the famous Mee Sua Kor at Ayer Itam. It's closed on Tuesday and we've been discussing about the dates then. The Kafe Deli Miu淼淼美食茶室 is on the left along the way to Ayer Itam, approximately of 100 meters before the roundabout to Penang Hill.

Su has ordered the Lamb and Chicken Satay as the starters. The lamb has a very minimum unease smell but the meat is slightly too dry that it's actually chewy. The chicken meat is salty yet I'll prefer if it's grilled longer that it's slightly burnt to create a nice aroma. In nutshell, both the meat and the thick peanut sauce are quite ordinary but still being considered as acceptable in taste.

The famous Mee Sua Kor is the outer most stall that is located inside the restaurant. I've then realised that the aunt is indeed selling various "fried" dishes that range from pork, chicken to different carbohydrate such as Tang Hoon冬粉, Mee麵, Yee Fu Mee伊府麵 and Hor Fun河粉. We've of course ordered the Mee Sua Kor麵线糊, a slimy soup-based dish that consists of rice noodle being cooked in the broth that is then thickened with the starch and egg. I like the plenty of ingredients such as crab meat, chopped prawn, minced pork and chopped mushroom that have been chopped in tiny pieces that they can slip through the throat smoothly. I like to have black vinegar into the Mee Sua Kor as it does enhance the deliciousness of the broth. Anyway, do not leave the soup till cold as the sliminess is eerie.

Besides, we've ordered the Pork Leg Hokkien Char猪脚福建炒 and the Belacan Chicken Wing峇拉煎雞翅膀. The earlier tastes very ordinary by using the canned pork leg but it's special to find the chestnut inside this fried noodle. I'm definitely more amazed by the crispiness of the chicken wing that the meat is still juicy and tender. Additionally, the saltiness of the Belacan has added deliciousness to the chicken wing.

I've enjoyed the Mee Sua Kor and the Belacan Chicken Wing here. The dishes are tasty and they're cheap. It's just a pity for Elaine and Phui Yee as they dislike the stickiness of the soup.

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