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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Courtyard in Taiwan

Being replaced with a new name yet still selling the same concept of food, we've visited the Taiwan Courtyard小台阁 that is located at Queensbay Mall. We've not enjoyed the Taiwanese food at the previous shop of this location and we've no clues if the current restaurant will serve a good meal, but we've decided to give it a try. The menu is a little too "simple" or I'll say that it doesn't look attractive.

Attila and I have ordered the Taiwan Grilled Sausage台湾烧香肠 and Taiwan Salty Crispy Chicken台湾盐酥鸡 as our starters. The pork sausage is compact and succulent but I indeed dislike the "Chinese" type of sausage for its sweetness. I like the boneless chicken meat for its crispiness and as well the fried leaves for the nice aroma. Anyway, the dish is not so tasty as it seems to be lacked of saltiness. Besides, we've shared the Braised Pork Knuckle with "Mee Suar"酸菜红烧猪脚面线. The thick soup with dark soy sauce is tasty and it ends with a very slight spiciness at the end of tongue that it's really appetising. However, I dislike the sourness of the pickled vegetable that it has somehow spoilt the deliciousness of the soup. I've enjoyed the pork meat that has been slowly cooked in the dark sauce and it's juicy.

The dishes are considered normal as they're not really very attractive that we're tempted with. The only selling point maybe the cosy ambient that is suitable especially for gathering with family.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Durian into Puff

One-Bite Durian Puff is coming to Queensbay Mall. This new stall of Taste Better is located at lower ground floor that it's opposite the AEON grocery department. I'm excited as I've always keen on the dessert that is made of Durian instead of the fruit itself. I'm wondering how will it taste alike...

One-Bite Durian Puff is a speciality that it's intended to be eaten in one mouthful bite. The pastry is baked to a slight brownish skin that it's crispy on the outside and it's then being filled with the Durian paste inside. Biting half of the puff, the Durian paste is flowing down smoothly. I like the strong aroma of the Durian and the creamy texture of the paste that it's just melting in my mouth. It's just a very minor "defect" that the puff is slightly hard at the dark edge as they've to chill it inside the fridge before sales. I bet that the One-Bite Durian Puff is definitely superb if I've bought it freshly out from the oven. The puff tastes exactly alike the real fruit that the aroma is refreshing yet it's filling. Please brush your teeth before talking to next person, it's Durian!

Official Homepage

Mee Sua Kor at Ayer Itam

Everyone has been talking about the famous Mee Sua Kor at Ayer Itam. It's closed on Tuesday and we've been discussing about the dates then. The Kafe Deli Miu淼淼美食茶室 is on the left along the way to Ayer Itam, approximately of 100 meters before the roundabout to Penang Hill.

Su has ordered the Lamb and Chicken Satay as the starters. The lamb has a very minimum unease smell but the meat is slightly too dry that it's actually chewy. The chicken meat is salty yet I'll prefer if it's grilled longer that it's slightly burnt to create a nice aroma. In nutshell, both the meat and the thick peanut sauce are quite ordinary but still being considered as acceptable in taste.

The famous Mee Sua Kor is the outer most stall that is located inside the restaurant. I've then realised that the aunt is indeed selling various "fried" dishes that range from pork, chicken to different carbohydrate such as Tang Hoon冬粉, Mee麵, Yee Fu Mee伊府麵 and Hor Fun河粉. We've of course ordered the Mee Sua Kor麵线糊, a slimy soup-based dish that consists of rice noodle being cooked in the broth that is then thickened with the starch and egg. I like the plenty of ingredients such as crab meat, chopped prawn, minced pork and chopped mushroom that have been chopped in tiny pieces that they can slip through the throat smoothly. I like to have black vinegar into the Mee Sua Kor as it does enhance the deliciousness of the broth. Anyway, do not leave the soup till cold as the sliminess is eerie.

Besides, we've ordered the Pork Leg Hokkien Char猪脚福建炒 and the Belacan Chicken Wing峇拉煎雞翅膀. The earlier tastes very ordinary by using the canned pork leg but it's special to find the chestnut inside this fried noodle. I'm definitely more amazed by the crispiness of the chicken wing that the meat is still juicy and tender. Additionally, the saltiness of the Belacan has added deliciousness to the chicken wing.

I've enjoyed the Mee Sua Kor and the Belacan Chicken Wing here. The dishes are tasty and they're cheap. It's just a pity for Elaine and Phui Yee as they dislike the stickiness of the soup.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Black Charcoal at Spade's Burger

The pictures have been kept inside my laptop for almost 2 weeks and I've finally started to share about the Spade's Burger that has opened at Bangunan Lip Sin. The symbolic sign of this restaurant is their charcoal bun that looks really shiny black in colour. I like especially their creative idea of the order cards that are mimicking the designs of the porker cards.

The best seller here is the pork menu but chicken thigh meat is also available as limited edition. Attila has taken the Full House of Pork that consists of double pork patty, double cheddar cheese and double bacon strips while I've ordered the Black2 Jack that comes with single chicken thigh and single cheddar cheese. Each of the burger here is sandwiched with fresh lettuce and roasted tomato, then being layered with Spade's Patty Sauce and lastly being topped with Spade's Burger Sauce. The double pork patty looks very thick but it's indeed not troublesome to eat the burger here whereby the burger is handcrafted in the most perfect way that it's able to be hold in hands properly. Both of the pork patty and the chicken thigh meat are very juicy and tender but I guess I'll prefer if the chicken meat is grilled longer that it's slightly burnt at the outer skin. The sweet-based sauce is not so strong in taste but it matches the burger completely and it doesn't make me feeling too full or oily. Not to forget about the soft and fluffy bun and the speciality that they're using the cherry tomato, at least during my visit?!!

Attila still prefers the Marshall's Burger but the Spade's Burger is still considered one of the best. We've definitely enjoyed the deliciousness of the burger here. Furthermore, it's very near to our house. Oh ya, they're opened only from 630pm to 11pm and they're closed on Thursday!

The Famous of Nibong Tebal at Lye Lee

Going to lunch, Choong has suggested the famous Pork Koay Teow and Seafood Porridge from Nibong Tebal. We're not driving across the bridge, the Restoran Lye Lee高淵利猪肉粉及海鲜粥 has been opened at 1-World by Bayan Lepas area.

Highly recommended by the owner, I've taken the Seafood Porridge海鲜粥 that contains Fried Fish炸鱼, Cuttle Fish鱿鱼, Mantis Prawn濑尿虾, Prawn虾, Helicopter刺螺 and Abalone Slice鲍鱼片. The porridge here is actually the rice being cooked in the broth that I can bite and feel the rice granules. The soup is sweet and it tastes very refreshing. I like all the seafood ingredients except the fried fish that is too bony and also the prawn as it's not so fresh. Anyway, I think that the seafood is still worth for the $$$ of RM 15 per person. Besides, thanks to Choong that has allowed me to capture a photograph of his bowl of Pork Noodle猪肉粉 that is served with instant noodle. It looks oily and heavy yet both the aroma and the taste are marvellous because of the sesame oil. One good point here is we're allowed to choose the carbohydrate that ranges from yellow noodle黄面, instant Maggi noodle即食面, Koay Teow粿條, rice vermicelli米粉 to porridge粥.
We've enjoyed our lunch here. The waiters are very friendly and the service is quite fast. We've to convince LP to coordinate this new place into the list for lunch.

Healy Mac's, It's a Bar & It's a Restaurant

Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant gives me an impression that the ambient is more suitable for drinking rather than to dine in for food here. It has been a question to me about the attraction of this place as I'm wondering that how can it be always packed with crowd. For the first time, we're here for a dinner with the bikers together.

I've ordered a Grilled Fillet of fresh Silver Cod that contains grilled cod fish that has been Cajun spiced and being served together with vegetable risotto and being garnished with white wine cream sauce. The fish fillet is very thick and the portion is definitely too much for myself. Anyway, the dark brownish skin of the fish looks very tempting. The meat is very juicy but it doesn't contain too much seasoning that it's actually meant to be eaten together with the creamy risotto in order to complete the taste. I'm totally indulged into the risotto as it's so delicious even though it's cooked only with vegetable. However, it's very too filling and this is a heavy meal due to the thick cream.

Attila has taken their Don Corleone Pizza or the Brick Oven Pizza that comes with Salami. The dough is tasty and with the saltiness of the Salami, the pizza is almost near to the authentic Italian except that the cheese is too thick.

I'm amazed by the deliciousness of the risotto at Healy Mac's. It's a surprise to me that the Chef has indeed prepared a good meal here. 

Semi Nude at Kraze Burgers

Before departing from Incheon Airport, we've agreed that to try out the Semi-nude meals at Kraze Burgers. It means burger that is served without bread and it's just perfect for us whom are crazing only for meat. An early warning "Kraze is not FAST" and thus it's not a wise choice for whoever that is rushing for flight. As the burger is made-to-order here, it takes approximately 10 minutes to prepare a burger.

Elaine and Phui Yee have both taken the K.Breakfast that consists of mini bun, salad, sausage, bacon, fried egg and a drink that is either orange juice or coffee. It's weird that the same orders are served with different sausages. I guess it's because Elaine has asked not to have salad in her plate that she has received a long reddish pork sausage while Phui Yee is given 2 pieces of small whitish sausages. The earlier is tastier as it's saltier that the taste is more appealing.

Su and I have ordered the Semi-nude Beef Brunch and Semi-nude Chicken Brunch respectively. They're served with 2x beef patty that is made of minced meat or chicken breast meat, 2 slices of cheese, bacon, grilled sun ripened tomato and grilled onion that are then topped with a sunny side up fried egg while the side dishes are their homemade Kraze dressing together with Ketchup and the fresh garden salad. I'm quite disappointed with the breakfast because the meat is tasteless whereby this whole stack of "bread-less" burger is actually not delicious.

The menu looks very interesting yet the meal is in fact not delicious as we've been expecting.

BBQ Pork as the Last Dinner in Seoul

It's pity for Elaine to follow us on spicy food or Tofu meal that Su Yee has decided to bring us to the BBQ pork at Sinchon for our last dinner in Seoul. This is a great place for gathering whereby you can chat with friends while grilling the pork meat at the same time. Be patient with the slow process of char-grill!

The pork meat has been pre-marinated that it looks very reddish in colour. Putting the raw meat onto the grill and  it's important then to flip the meat frequently to obtain the equal heat and colour on both sides of the meat. The meat is juicy, very succulent and it's very appetizing due to the saltiness that has absorbed into the meat from the marination sauce. Anyway, I like especially their homemade sour-based dipping sauce that tastes a little spicy and it's very refreshing being added with the sliced onion.

We've enjoyed the deliciousness of the grilled pork here but I'll indeed be more grateful if I don't need to grill the meat by myself. The only concern is I dislike the oily smell that is sticking onto my clothes after the dinner.

Heaven Sent at Chocolateria San Churro

Chocolateria San Churro has gained the popularity among the Australian after its first setup in Fitzroy. I'm a little attracted by the special name "San Churro" that how the pronunciation is. Reading through the homepage, the legendary story starts in Spain whereby the Monk San Churro has declared the chocolate as the gift from God after the magic portion of the hot chocolate has healed the dying queen. Development through centuries or decades, the unique Spanish snack that is called San Churro and together with the heaven sent chocolate are presented through the Chocolateria. Here we're at Chocolateria San Churro that is located at Edae and it's nearby the Ewha Womans University, the most amazing art in Seoul.

We've decided to share the set of Fondue for Two that consists of the San Churro, a fondue of dark chocolate, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, banana, marshmallow and some biscuits. San Churro or the Spanish Doughnut is the long and lightly deep-fried pastry that is made of flour. Biting the starry-shaped pastry, it's very soft at inside but still very crispy at outside. Churro is a tasteless pastry that it's served with either cinnamon sugar or icing sugar here. Anyway, the chocolate as dipping sauce is still the most perfect match for the Churro. The chocolate is thick and it's very tasty but too bad that the portion is just too less. Other than the main characters of Churro and Chocolate, they're serving delicious ice cream here. We've indeed enjoyed the Vanilla more than the Chocolate for the nice small and the strong taste of the Vanilla.

I'm happy to try a new snack in Seoul. I'm wondering if the franchise is or will be available in M'sia. Indeed, I've stronger eagerness over their chocolate than the Churro.