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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Green Tea at Osulloc, the Jeju Tea Garden

Time for a dessert after the Samgyetang as lunch and the Tempura as snack, Su Yee has recommended us to Osulloc that is located at Insadong-gil. The years have not been too long since 1979 that this tea garden has been originated in Jeju Island. They've a good idea in business that the ground floor is to publish the various tea products for sales while the 2nd floor is the place that we're going to have our delicious dessert. The 3rd floor is the section that will suit the tea lovers whom wish to enjoy a relaxing teatime here.

A must not to be missed is the Green Tea Ice Cream. Interesting colour and funny shape, isn't it? The taste is definitely marvellous! The ice cream contains a strong smell and also a thick taste of the green tea while the texture is so smooth to melt immediately in the mouth. Other than being topped with grounded tea powder, the green tea essence is served together for those that wish to further enhance the taste and the aroma of the green tea in the ice cream. We find that the ice cream is more delicious and it tastes more refreshing after being added with the essence and here we go, all!

Besides, we've decided to share a Green Tea Cheese Tiramisu and a Fresh Citron Green Tea. The Tiramisu is a green-tea based cake being topped with plain cheese that is then poured with grounded tea powder. I don't really like the cake as the cheese's taste is too light or apparently to zero while the green tea is not appealing as well. Ending with a cool drink, the ice is definitely too rough but we've indeed enjoyed the peeled orange skin.

This is definitely the best Green Tea Ice Cream that I've ever tasted. The strong aroma and the deliciousness of the green tea is completely presented in this dessert.

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