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Sunday, 16 June 2013

BBQ Pork as the Last Dinner in Seoul

It's pity for Elaine to follow us on spicy food or Tofu meal that Su Yee has decided to bring us to the BBQ pork at Sinchon for our last dinner in Seoul. This is a great place for gathering whereby you can chat with friends while grilling the pork meat at the same time. Be patient with the slow process of char-grill!

The pork meat has been pre-marinated that it looks very reddish in colour. Putting the raw meat onto the grill and  it's important then to flip the meat frequently to obtain the equal heat and colour on both sides of the meat. The meat is juicy, very succulent and it's very appetizing due to the saltiness that has absorbed into the meat from the marination sauce. Anyway, I like especially their homemade sour-based dipping sauce that tastes a little spicy and it's very refreshing being added with the sliced onion.

We've enjoyed the deliciousness of the grilled pork here but I'll indeed be more grateful if I don't need to grill the meat by myself. The only concern is I dislike the oily smell that is sticking onto my clothes after the dinner.

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