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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Stopping by the Mizse Motel Restaurant

We've decided to go to Hungary for a short vacation. We're indeed planning to visit the parents that are staying in Hungary and it's an introduction for me to the parents' 2nd house in Europe. We've been driving for long hours that I've triggered to stop somewhere on the highway once we've entered Hungary, I need to eat my lunch. We've just randomly spotted the Mizse Motel Restaurant.

Hungarian Bread is very dry, porous and chewy. We can't finish the big portion indeed. Attila and I've decided to share the Transylvanian Mixed Grill served on a Wooden Platter. It consists of grilled tenderloin steak, barbecued pork and grilled turkey breast or it's the various meat platter that is served together with mixed salad and fried potatoes. The meat is seasoned only with salt and garlic, it's pure meat without additional marination or garnishing. I'm not so fancy with the plain while on the other hand, Attila has enjoyed the meat to the fullest. Every kind of the meat is cooked to the correct tenderness.

This 1st meal is an experience for me about Hungary yet I've started to worry if I'm going to have such meaty meal for the rest of my holiday...

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Greek Food is just Great... at the Liston

Liston Café, Bar, Restaurant is a newcomer that is located in front of the Galeria Kaufhof by the Neupfarrplatz. I may not have noticed this place if it's not being highly recommended by Attila since his business trip earlier. I've always been so fancy with the Greek food and I've persuaded Attila to bring me here for once.

We've taken the Gyros - Calamari vom Grill that comes with Tsatsiki and Pita Bread. Besides, we've also shared the Souvlaki that is the pork skewers that are served together Tsatsiki, rice, fries and garlic sauce. The Tsatsiki is not watery whereby the texture is just perfect as a dipping sauce. The Gyros is slightly burnt outside to achieve the correct dryness that the layers of meat have the correct texture. The Calamari is somehow slightly too salty. On the other hand, the Souvlaki is very juicy and tender. I love the tomato rice deeply. The taste of the tomato is absorbed completely into every single rice granules. The Chef is making small Pita Bread here. It's tasty but I find that it's slightly too thick.

More positive points than the negative comments, the food is just marvelous. This is really the best Greek meal that I've tasted in Regensburg. During the Summer daytime and with a glass of Prosecco, I've just no complaint to this joyful moment.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Burger is Getting Famous in Regensburg, by Hans im Glück

The burger is getting its trend in Regensburg. Located at the downtown area by Kohlmarkt, Hans im Glück is using plenty of wooden decorations in their design. Our two little girls have always been wondering that why do they make the restaurant to be alike a jungle...

Other than the beef or chicken, vegetarian or vegan burgers are also available on the menu. The idea I like the most is that they're not only offering classic sour dough bun and multi-grain bun, but also the choice of low-carb without bun. Attila has decided for the beef burger of Gorgonzola. The 100% minced beef burger is sandwiched in between of the sour dough bun together with the cherry tomatoes, arugula or rucola salad and being topped with mild Gorgonzola sauce. Attila has enjoyed the tenderness of the beef except I find that the Gorgonzola sauce is slightly too light. I've ordered the pure meat "burger" with chicken breast that comes with 3-pepper sauce, mushrooms and arugula. The even brownish colour at the outer layer of the breast meat makes the meal looks tempting. This has indeed created a very slight crunchiness over the juiciness of the chicken meat. The pepper sauce or the capsicum-made sauce tastes alike yogurt based and it's very appetizing.

At Hans im Glück, the meat or the ingredient is the main character to complete the whole burger. The Chef has not over-seasoned the meat while the sauce is an enhancement to the deliciousness of the burger. I like the various sauces that are available on the table, especially the Glückliche Fritten Sosse that is very fresh and appealing. The Orangen Senf Sosse is somehow very special as well. I'm undecided...

A special cocktail that I've tried during the Summer here is the Sanddorn Mojito. It consists of rum, mint, mango, sanddorn liquor, lime juice and also sparkling water. It's somehow too sweet for me.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Re-visit that Has Never Been Disappointed... at the L'Osteria

It has always been my favourite Italian restaurant and I've wanted to show it to my loved one for at least once, we've finally made it to the L'Osteria at the Watmarkt, Regensburg.

I've decided to take the Risotto Funghi Giuliacci that is the special-of-the-day. The nose supersedes the mouth that I smell first the nice aroma of the rosemary. The pork meat is very succulent and it tastes superb being marinated with some special herbs and spices. Another specialty is the Pfifferling Fungus that has a strong taste yet it matches the meat and the rice completely. The risotto is indeed exceeding my acceptance level of saltiness but I just can't resist the temptation that I've finished the whole plate of rice in full satisfaction.
(Source from Wikipedia for Pfifferling: Chanterelle)

Attila has taken a Salami Pizza. The thin pizza is delicious except that the edge of the dough is slightly too dry.

Ending our meal with a Tiramisu, the Mascarpone Cream is too liquid that this dessert looks and tastes very soggy. Anyway, the taste of the Tiramisu is actually quite authentic or "correct".

Da Tino at the Alstadt Hotel Arch

The girls have always been promoting the Da Tino Italianese Cuisine that is located in front of the Alstadt Hotel Arch by Haidplatz. I've visited Regensburg for a few times yet I've never tried out this restaurant before. I've been wondering that how the food does taste here...

I've decided to try out the Spaghetti Aglio Olio. This is the simplest pasta that contains only chili, garlic and olive oil. The noodle is cooked to the perfect timing that it has the slight "strength" of tenderness. Besides, I've enjoyed the nice aroma and the crunchiness of the slices of sauteed garlic. Commenting from the taste wise, the spaghetti is not salty enough while the chili is barely seen in the Aglio Olio that it gives any taste to the pasta itself. Meantime, it's just too oily for me. I wouldn't say that this is the best Aglio Olio that I've ever tasted or the pasta that I'll fall in love with.

Being highly recommended by the girls, I've decided to warm my stomach with a piece of Tiramisu. Here, this traditional Italian dessert is made differently whereby the finger biscuits are dipped in the coffee instead of the espresso and it doesn't contain any alcohol. The biscuits are then layered in between of the Mascarpone Cream and being topped with cocoa powder. Believe me, this is the most delicious Tiramisu that I've ever eaten in my life. I'm indulged into this masterpiece completely. Yet, I'm wondering if the taste will be greater if the Tiramisu is poured with a little Amaretto Liquor in order to reduce the sweetness slightly.

Da Tino doesn't serve any dessert without the main course. You've to pick an item from the menu despite how much you fall in love only with their dessert.