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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Irish Pub & Restaurant... Finnegan's

We're invited by Jaimey to the Finnegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant as he'll be the host for the '500 for 100 Challenge', an event that is held on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Finish 100 shots in 100 minutes and if you're the last man or woman standing, here you'll leave with cash RM500. Oh ya, it's 100 shots of Tiger beer! The best thing is we're parking the bike in front of the Irish Pub, on the street of Straits Quay.

My boyfriend has decided to join the '500 for 100 Challenge' but we've to fill our stomach at first. We've ordered the Caesar Salad and additionally an unknown Sandwich with Pork Bacon. The Ceasar Salad comes together with grilled chicken, beef bacon and the hard-boiled egg. Everything in this salad bowl is just nice and the sauce is also delicious except the salted fish. The fresh vegetable tastes weird because of the salted fish bits that have been added in. Talking about the sandwich, I like especially the bacon whereby the saltiness from the bacon just goes well with the normal white bread.

Boyfriend has chosen to give up at the middle of the competition, I guess at around 30 shots?!! Quick shots in a short time is just making him uncomfortable. Our bike's friend Falk has continued till 90 shots that he has given up as well...

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ryoma龍馬 Japanese Restaurant

'You must visit Ryoma for their delicious Sashimi, must!'; My friends have always commented that Ryoma Japanese Restaurant龍馬日本料理 has the freshest Sashimi or the raw seafood in Penang. Sashimi or what is known in Mandarin words as 刺身 is favoured for its freshness, to go with the dipping sauce of Wasabi芥末 combined with soy sauce. The fresher the Sashimi is, the easier for it to melt in your mouth and the tastier of the Sashimi that you can feel.

Definitely, our first dish is the Sashimi Platter and it's served in a big wooden boat. Look at how juicy and fresh the Sashimi are! Our next favourite dish of mine is the Grilled Squid; a big squid that is served with a kind of butter sauce that tastes sweet and yet salty.

A must-to-have for my boyfriend is the Meat Dumpling or Gyoza whereby the prerequisite condition must be made of pork. I do quite like the Gyoza here except that the meat is a little too compact and I think it'll be great if the ingredient is juicier. Next to follow is the Pork Chop. My boyfriend puts a lot of compliments on the pork chop as it's rare to have pork fillet in Malaysia comparing to chicken or beef. Well, I still think that the pork chop is too dry and appears to be a bit hard. We've ordered then the signature dish of Mushroom wrapped in the Beef. I'm not a beef lover but I've indeed enjoyed the tender meat.

Only four of us but we've decided to go for additional dishes of Mix Tempura Platter and also the Fried Mushroom. I don't really fancy about the Tempura here as it's kind of ordinary as any that I've in other restaurants. Talking about the mushroom, I do enjoy the mixture of these various mushroom but I'm not so in love with the thick butter aroma in the sauce itself. It's somehow making me feeling full...

I'm not good in differentiating the grade of a good or bad Sashimi but I do really love the freshness that I've it here. The smooth texture that melts immediately in my mouth... This is what I'll call it as Sashimi.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Overtime at

Overtime is the new food and beverage franchise that is highly raising up in Malaysia. One by one, each of the overtime branches are developed and here we go to the Gurney Drive, just beside the Coffee Island. They're famous for the Stärker; the first German styled fresh beer in Barrel. The wooden barrel is a good idea for sharing among bunch of friends, so Attila and I have decided to go for the Stärker by mug. First sip... I hate it. I can't describe it properly but I've to say that it tastes awful and we've taken 2hours to finish the mugs.

Talking about food, they've the Fusion Skewers menu but we've not managed to order anything because the pork is out of order for the night. Thus, we've decided to take the Honey Glazed Char Siew and the Crispy Skin Roasted Pork. I feel disappointed with both of the meat dishes because I've a high expectation over pork in a German restaurant. The Char Siew has too much fat that makes us feel extreme greasy in the mouth while the Roasted Pork is with too thick layer of lean meat and it tastes hard and dry.

On first impression, I've to admit that I like Overtime for its sophisticated outlook and the relaxing atmosphere that people can hop in for beer after work or during the weekend. But, regret to say that we'll not pay any revisit.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Farewell to Thomas at D' Beach

Attila, Franky and Bernd have planned to organize a farewell party for Dr. Thomas whom will be leaving for his new position back in Regensburg. A long consideration for both Attila's and Franky's dearest boss and for Bernd's friend, they've finally decided to have the evening BBQ party at D' Beach Bistro and Restaurant that is located at Batu Ferringhi. Jaimey whom is currently operating the place is our bikers friend and we're hoping that he can bring us a memorable evening.
By providing a wish list for the food and drinks that they want to have, here has Jaimey prepared the food that includes the sting ray wrapped in the banana leaves, prawn, lamb chop and chicken for the BBQ menu and additionally fresh vegetable salad, garlic bread, fried rice, fried noodle and as well the fruit platter. A big feast with various food as choices and the greatest is, there's an employee to work by the grill bar. The herbs or the sauces have been properly marinated and being absorbed that every single pieces of the meat or seafood are so just-to-taste whereby the grilling has completely enhanced the aroma.

It's great that Thomas has enjoyed this special party for him; a big pleasure to the guys. It's also thankful to Jaimey for always ensuring the quality of the food and the delivery of a good service to each of the guests.

Oh ya, not to forget the wonderful dessert from Patricia, Thomas's wife; that is called Zwetschgendatschi or simpler for me to know it as Plum Cake. This is a type of sweet pastry from Bavaria. I like this dessert that is not too sweet and with a little sourness from the plum, the deliciousness is reminding me a cup of coffee or afternoon tea...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bangkok Tomyam in Malaysia

Bangkok Tomyam is a Malay Restaurant that is located nearby the Penang International Airport area and they're specialising in Thai cuisine. My boyfriend has recommended this restaurant to me as he's just too addicted to the Fried Beef and Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts here. My teeth are not too strong that I hate to taste the hardness of the meat but my boyfriend loves the chewiness of the beef and chicken in his mouth. Well, his term of fresh meat is somehow equivalent to the hardness of the meat.

Additionally, I've ordered a plate of Fried Squid with Petai. The fresh squid goes well with the Petai but I'll definitely enjoy more on the spiciness instead of the sweetness in this dish. I guess the chef has been putting in too much of Ajinomoto for seasoning?!!

I don't really fancy about the dishes here because they're making me feeling thirsty. In fact, the dishes taste very salty if you don't go with the rice. Anyway, this is a place that you can consider to have a sharing or gathering for Halal food.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Pork Knuckle; Berlin's Bier Houz

Somewhere that I'm so addicted with the Pork Knuckle, the Berlin's Bier Houz at Straits Quay. It's a German & European Bistro and definitely not to be denied with their famous Pork Knuckle and German Weissbier. I'm in love with the crispy pork skin that you can hear the crunchiness moving in your mouth. The meat is in fact a little bit dry but somehow it's not too hard and we're more to be amazed by the crispy skin. I like Sauerkraut and I'm definitely enjoying the one here that appears to be drier and more refreshing.

To go with the Pork Knuckle, I've chosen the Weihenstephaner Weissbier Dunkel while my boyfriend is the fans for the Hefe Weissbier. I do prefer Weihenstephaner as the Weissbier itself is smoother and rich in taste.

This is somehow my current favourite for Pork Knuckle in Penang; the crunchiness... Yummy!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Pork Knuckle; Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant & Bar

Once awhile if I miss for a German Style Roasted Pork Knuckle on Wednesday, I may consider Ingolf's Kneipe Restaurant & Bar that is located at Tanjung Bungah area. This is their special menu that is available on every Wednesday only; German Style Roasted Pork Knuckle that comes with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and own gravy, mustard.

It has been a big change since my last visit to there... Currently, they'll pre-cut the pork knuckle into pieces of meat and then being served together with the big bone that is rich with the tendon. The meat is too dry that it appears to be bit hard and the skin is not as crispy as we wish for. The Sauerkraut or the fermented cabbage here is apparently a little bit watery or maybe, it's just myself that prefer it to be drier and crispier. I love the mashed potatoes here as I do taste the 'real' potatoes' aroma other than its smooth texture.

Our favourite dish is actually the Roasted Pork Belly. Look at the nice layers of fat and lean meat, are they sinful?!! We're in fact enjoying the taste during the fat is melting in our mouth; yes, the fat dissolves evenly without too much greasiness.

As long as I can recall in my mind, the pork knuckle's taste is degrading here. I would prefer the taste of the pork knuckle that I'd here about a year ago...