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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Feel the Love of Mama at CoffeeMama

The most important thing to start the day, breakfast. We're again at 宝健路 at Jeju Island and we've chosen the CoffeeMama that is located just beside the Trevi Motel. I like the decorations inside the restaurant because everything seems to be so tiny, unique and it gives me the feeling of home.

Su and Phui Yee have ordered the Ham + Cheese Toast that is a slice of Ham, Cheese, an egg and some cabbages being sandwiched between 2 slices of toasted bread. There's nothing special yet nothing is to be concerned about its taste well. I've taken a Choco Waffle whereby it's very dry yet I love the crispiness and I'm totally indulged into the thick chocolate. An interesting product that we've decided to try is the Cheesecake or so-called the cheese stick that has been packed into rectangular box respectively and being frozen for sales. We've decided to try the Choco and Blueberry flavours. The cake is indeed very dry, rough and it doesn't contain any cheesy taste. On the other hand, the choco tastes not too bad for its thick chocolate but the blueberry is really tasteless.

We're not really amazed by our breakfast but the portion is just nice for us to energise us for our day. We're more touched by the owner's act that she has made us to feel alike family at the moment she passes some rice cakes as souvenirs to us.

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