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Monday, 27 May 2013

Hoddeok the Cinnamon, Gaeran Bbang the Egg & Unknown the Ball

On the way to our Hill House Hotel that is located at Hoehyeondong, I've come across the snacks by the street that are called Hoddeok and Gaeran Bbang. I'm attracted by the unique shape of the snacks that has triggered my eagerness to have a try.

Hoddeok is an "empty" biscuit that is filled with cinnamon and sugar while Gaeran Bbang is a cake that is put with an egg. The old uncle is very friendly yet his Hoddeok is not tasty whereby the skin is too thick and it tastes very powdery from the flour. I prefer the salty Gaeran Bbang that is visible with an egg at the center. Frankly, I dislike the egg yolk that has been cooked completely because of the powdery feeling in the mouth yet I like this snack for its specialty and saltiness.

Phui Yee has decided to show me the tasty Hoddeok by Namdaemun Market. The stall is owned by the aunties and people are queueing to buy the freshly made Hoddeok here. It's definitely tastier here whereby the skin is thin and its little crispiness is good to go with the sweet cinnamon sugar. Besides, we're decided to share a brownish pastry that looks alike small soccer ball. It seems to be filled with bean paste and I've hardly bitten for a mouth because it's too chewy and it's tasteless.

Not all snacks in Korea are very delicious but I'm recommending you to try out the Hoddeok and Gaeran Bbang as a new experience in Seoul.

Breakfast at Paris Croissant Kitchen

Phui Yee misses the Paris Croissant and here we've decided to have our breakfast at Incheon International Airport. It's not only a restaurant that is serving cooked meal but also a small bakery that you can purchase breads, pastries or cakes here. I'm not allowed to take photographs here, being warned in a harsh voice by the cashier.

What should I have for my breakfast? Just following Phui Yee's choice, we've taken the French Toast & Scrambled Egg Brunch that costs 11,000 each. Other than the French Toast or the bread that is coated with egg and being fried that is then garnished with honey and the scrambled egg, the plate comes together with a grilled sausage and a cup of coffee or milk. The toast is decorated nicely with the blueberry and icing sugar whereby I like especially the sour cream that tastes refreshing and it matches the sweetness of the honey completely. The pork sausage does not look only beautiful but it's also tasty with its saltiness and tenderness.

Additionally, we've decided to share a plain Croissant. This is a specialized pastry by French and they're apparently not doing it so excellent here. The Croissant is crispy at outside but the inner dough is not as soft and as tasty as the one that I've tasted in Koh Samui. It's not cheap by costing at ₩2,200 each.

I'm satisfied with my 1st breakfast here. It's not a Korean meal yet it's something that I'm not getting it in M'sia. It's just a little shocking for me to learn about the pricing of food in Korea.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Famous Fried Bawal at Rili Corner

Our restaurant A is closed on Tuesday dinner, thus the girls have decided to bring me to the Tanjung Bunga Famous Fried Bawal by Rili Corner. If you're going towards direction to Batu Ferringhi, it's on the left whereby the stall is at the corner in front of the Maybank that is between Jalan Lembah Permai and Jalan Tanjung Bungah. The business is conducted by Malay yet they've customers from different races and mainly Chinese. Either Chicken Set or Fish Set, this is the menu here.
Each set comes with a meat of your choice that is either the Fried Bawal Fish or the Fried Chicken, a bowl of curry sauce with ladyfinger, some cucumber and green bean that are served with Sambal and a bowl of chopped onion with Cili Padi in the soy-based sauce. I'm a little greedy that I've decided to take a Fish Set and additionally with a piece of fried chicken. The fish is very fresh but the meat is slightly dry whereby the owner apologises to us that the chef may have somehow over-fried the fish. Anyway, the meat at the thicker part of the fish is still quite juicy. I myself prefer the chicken that has been marinated perfectly as it tastes saltier and the meat is still tender while the outer skin is crispy. I find the meal here is tasty and it's very appetising as the meat goes well with the plain rice that is topped with the curry sauce.

This is just a simple meal that has completely filled up my empty stomach. There's a slight disappointment towards the fish but I'm totally satisfied with the fried chicken. To conclude the meal, I find it to be delicious and it's worthwhile for $$$.

Tok Tok

Isn't the restaurant sound cool? Thanks to Chan for treating us to the Tok Tok Cuisine that is located at Bangunan Lip Sin. Mr. Ong is highly recommending their delicious Thai food. This is our 1st visit here and we're impressed by the design of this small restaurant. The bicycles, the rattan or wooden furniture and the pictures in the wooden frames, they're bringing a lot of nostalgic childhood memories.

The friendly waitress has recommended the Thai Style Lam-Bui or PAT-KA-PAO-MÚ and the Auntie Wee Na's Sar Hor Fun (Dry). The PAT-KA-PAO-MÚ is the fried minced pork with basil leaf, Cili Padi, onion and long bean in dark soy sauce that is then being served with white rice and a fried egg. I like the nice and strong aroma of the basil and together with the juiciness of the pork meat, this is definitely an appetising dish to go with the white rice. On the other hand, the Sar Hor Fun is as well a delicious dish that is not to be missed. The dish is named upon the chef whom is preparing this dish. The saltiness of the light soy sauce with the sweetness of the dark soy sauce are both being enhanced by the sufficient heat that is used to fry the flat rice noodle. It seems to be slightly burnt that the taste is really appealing. I've to give a "Thumb-Up" to Aunt Wee Na.

Besides, we've decided to share the Siam Laksa that is available only on Tuesday and Wednesday. I find the soup to be too plain and watery that it's only creamy due to the coconut milk. LP and I have decided to D.I.Y by putting in some Cili Padi and guess what? This is the taste, the spiciness! Besides, Meow is in the appetite for a Tomyam Fried Rice after her sickness. None of us like the fried rice as it's tasteless. The rice looks great with its "reddish" color but it tastes sweet instead of Tomyam paste that we're knowing of.

I'm fascinated by the decorations inside Tok Tok and I'm definitely amazed by the food here. They're not only serving delicious food but as well providing a cozy ambient that I'm pleased to spend my time here. I'll definitely visit this restaurant again and I want to try the dessert here.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Curry Puff On the Move

While we're having our breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe, an old uncle is coming with this bicycle and then starting to sell the curry puff there. He has a good business as the customer tend to buy a curry puff to fill the hungry stomach while queueing for the tables. The girls insist that I try out this special curry puff.

The curry puff costs me RM 1.20 each. I've to admit that it's special whereby it's topped with the reddish pickled onion with Cili Padi. The puff that is filled with curry potatoes tastes normal only but the onion has definitely enhanced the deliciousness by adding a refreshing taste to the crispy curry puff. I'm indeed impressed by this idea whereby the freshness of the onion has reduced the filling of the potato.

I've decided to name this article as per the suggestion from the girls. I've not expected to bump into another food blog on that day. The modal is less but the uncle is definitely creative to think about this special idea for the delicious curry puff.

Toast + Kaya at Toh Soon Cafe

A small and old corner to the left side after entering the Lebuh Campbell新街, this is the location of Toh Soon Cafe多春茶座 that is famous for Roti Bakar or the Toasted Bread. You can notice the small coffee shop by observing the crowd that is waiting for tables. The owner is conducting the daily business along the narrow street. According to the girls, the cafe is opened from as early as 6am till 12pm afternoon only.

We've to wait patiently till the aunt or the waitress is entertaining us, regardless the seconds or minutes that we've to wait because we're definitely not allowed to question or to chase and no nagging. We've started with the "BT" Nasi Lemak that means anchovies and egg. I like the Sambal sauce as it's quite spicy and I love especially that the rice is poured with a lot of sauce. Anyway, the anchovies are too soft and chewy that it'll be perfect for me if they're crispy.

We're then served with the famous charcoal-toasted bread that is wiped with Margarine and Kaya. The bread is very soft while it's crispy due to the slight burn at the outer layer. I prefer if the Kaya is thicker that I can enjoy the sweetness of this mixture of coconut milk, sugar and egg. Instead of eating the toast as it is, you can choose to have it with dipping. Su is doing it with the iced black coffee, will you? Phui Yee is dipping the toast into the egg that has been pre-mixed with soy sauce and pepper. This is my 1st time to try the half-boiled egg and I find it quite delicious. It has indeed added an extra flavour or saltiness to the toast. Anyway, I'll not do it again as I dislike the sliminess of the egg.

This is a traditional place that has gained its popularity among the Penangites. I admit that the bread here is delicious and it's hard to get a charcoal-toasted bread in Penang nowadays. Anyway, I'm not motivated to queue up in the early morning for my breakfast.