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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Assorted Fish Cake by the Street

You can see people queuing around the stall, to look at how it's being prepared and also to buy one for trial. Looking at the crowd, I'm as well tempted to try out their fish cake as I really wish to know how does it taste alike.

It's amazing that they've such a big mountain of blended fish meat that has been mixed with various chopped vegetable such as carrot and coriander leave. Firstly, the chef places a rice cake at the center of the fish cake. Then, the fish meat is rolled up in order to wrap the rice cake completely. Finally, it's put into the hot oil for frying. To increase the varieties, they're indeed placing various ingredients into the fish cake. We've taken the Assorted Fish Cake that includes the Plain Fish Cake and also the "Filled" Fish Cake with Pork Sausage, Seaweed with Glass Noodle and Crab Filament. I dislike the Fish Cake because the meat is very soft, sticky and it's not tender. I don't find that it's very tasty as the fish cake is indeed quite tasteless if  without any seasoning such as chili sauce. At the end, the girls have finished up the pork sausage as it's tasty for its saltiness and we've decided to throw away the fish cake.

It's kind of "Nice to See but Not Nice to be Eaten". This is the street food that we've not enjoyed it as we're expecting.

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