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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Deli of France in Malaysia

Well, I'm seriously outdated that I've never tried out Délifrance in my 32 years of lifetime! Its name of Café et boulangerie à la francaise means it's a franchise concept of cafe and bakery whereby you can choose to dine-in or to take away their daily baked bread and pastries. We're shortage of ideas for our dinner and I've suggested the Delifrance that is located at Level-1 of Queensbay Mall.

It's a self-service restaurant that we've to place our orders at the counter and as well to retrieve the cutlery ourselves. Attila has decided to try the Egg D'Vine or the Egg Mayonnaise, Lettuce and Tomato that are being sandwiched in the Baguette. Alternatively, Croissant or Ciabatta are also available as the choices of bread. They've definitely baked a delicious and authentic French Baguette that the inner is very soft while the outside skin is so crispy. It's a little disappointment that the Egg tastes weird for its sourness. It seems that the Chef has overdone a little on the ratio of the Mayonnaise. Additionally, we've shared the Chef Recommended Mushroom Bread Bowl. It's a creamy stew of Shitake, Button and Abalone Mushrooms that are then being served inside a round bun. I've enjoyed the various chopped mushrooms but the soup contains a lot of "balls" from the incomplete mixing of the starch. Anyway, Attila likes it especially the crispy bun that has been dipped with the mushroom soup.

It's a good news that we've a new place to obtain a delicious Baguette. I'm more interested to try out the breakfast here or I should indeed try their Croissant.

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