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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Semi Nude at Kraze Burgers

Before departing from Incheon Airport, we've agreed that to try out the Semi-nude meals at Kraze Burgers. It means burger that is served without bread and it's just perfect for us whom are crazing only for meat. An early warning "Kraze is not FAST" and thus it's not a wise choice for whoever that is rushing for flight. As the burger is made-to-order here, it takes approximately 10 minutes to prepare a burger.

Elaine and Phui Yee have both taken the K.Breakfast that consists of mini bun, salad, sausage, bacon, fried egg and a drink that is either orange juice or coffee. It's weird that the same orders are served with different sausages. I guess it's because Elaine has asked not to have salad in her plate that she has received a long reddish pork sausage while Phui Yee is given 2 pieces of small whitish sausages. The earlier is tastier as it's saltier that the taste is more appealing.

Su and I have ordered the Semi-nude Beef Brunch and Semi-nude Chicken Brunch respectively. They're served with 2x beef patty that is made of minced meat or chicken breast meat, 2 slices of cheese, bacon, grilled sun ripened tomato and grilled onion that are then topped with a sunny side up fried egg while the side dishes are their homemade Kraze dressing together with Ketchup and the fresh garden salad. I'm quite disappointed with the breakfast because the meat is tasteless whereby this whole stack of "bread-less" burger is actually not delicious.

The menu looks very interesting yet the meal is in fact not delicious as we've been expecting.

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