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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Salute to Capitan Torres, the Spanish

We've finally found Capitan Torres Restaurant at the Liverpool Street, 'Spanish Cuisine since 1973' that is recommended by Phoebe's friend. I'm indeed the happiest girl to know that we're going to have the Spanish dinner. Partly, we're in fact trying to taste different dishes that are not available in Penang. It's fully booked that we've no choice to take the outside seats during the windy night.

I've eagerly urged everyone and finally we've the agreement to share the Paella Valenciana and Combinado de Mariscos. As a starter while waiting for our main courses, we're served with the garlic bread. These Ciabatta buns are very soft and very tasty with the butter garlic spread.

Paella is the Spanish rice dish that is cooked with meat and a variety of seafood. In short, I've always known it as the 'Spanish Seafood Fried Rice'. It's the only Spanish dish that I've learnt and it has been my only favourite. I myself think that the rice is slightly hard at the inner but everyone has been so satisfied to the deliciousness of the Paella here. Well, I guess the fresh seafood has been the winning point!

Combinado de Mariscos is a variety of seafood such as fish, mussels, squid and prawn in the spicy salsa sauce. I'm not so favour with this dish because of the strong capsicum's taste. Anyway, everyone is quite happy with the seafood.

My memory about Spanish food still stays with Paella. I'll never forget about the deliciousness of this special rice dish.

The Fresh... at Sydney Fish Market

Another favourite tourists' spot is the Sydney Fish Market, somewhere that you can find the fishy smell in the air and the seagulls are everywhere searching for food. This is the export and the local distribution centre whereby the trucks are stopping by the loading dock, to transport the seafood to country-wide and here is as well a harbour. As per my information, Sydney Fish Market is one of the biggest in Asia region, following after Tokyo.

Fish Market provides various selections of fresh seafood that ranges from fish, squid, crab till abalone or lobster. One of the remarkable favourite here is the oysters as they're freshly opened in front of your eyes. You can buy the raw seafood for your home-cooked meal or alternatively as visitors, we've decided to buy the readily prepared seafood here. Attila and I have decided to go the squid, scallop and a half lobster. Of course we've made a big mistake by ordering the fried or cheese-baked seafood! No doubt that the squid, scallop or lobster are big in size whereby they're very 'meaty' but the freshness and natural sweetness of the seafood have been killed by the frying oil and the thick cheese.

Please bear in mind to try out the fresh seafood if you've the chance to visit Sydney Fish Market.

The Original... Hurricane's Grill & Bar Bondi Beach

If you're a pork ribs lover, please don't miss out to visit the Hurricane's Grill & Bar. The original shop is located at Bondi Beach. This is the famous beach where people are gathering here for the Yacht surfing during the Summer. Arrival of us is during the cold and windy night yet I've indeed amazed by the beautiful linkages between the sky, ocean and the beach.

We've waited for at least an hour for our table. The whole restaurant is fully packed by the crowds that are waiting to try out the famous ribs here. The best sellers here are the beef, lamb and pork ribs that can be ordered by full rack or half rack and then being served together with chips or the baked potato with sour cream and chives. Of course, Attila and I have decided to share the full rack of pork ribs. Wow, this is really such a big-sized of long rack! One great experience is that we'll be given our napkin to prevent the sauces to spill onto our clothes. Now, to talk about the taste of the ribs, 'No Regret'! The outer skin of the ribs is slightly burnt to give the little crispiness yet the meat is still so tender and juicy, such a perfect taste to match with the sweet BBQ sauce that is called Monkey Gland. Alternatively, they do also serve other marination sauces such as garlic, mushroom, Spanish, pepper or Peri-Peri. This is the ribs that both of us have agreed upon its deliciousness.

This is a grateful trip that we've the chance to try out the Hurricane's ribs. You can select your own favourite of meat and sauce and the most important, this is the original taste of 'fire-grilled ribs'.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hunting for Vineyards at Hunter Valley

If you're a wine's lover, don't forget to reserve some time to visit Hunter Valley at the outskirt of Australia. This is where the Vineyards are located that you can jump from one to another for wine tasting. You can choose few wines from their list for the tasting before deciding to get one for home. It's not a must to buy the wine but as well not to be too greedy to try every single wines that they serve here ;)

Out from the various Vineyards, we've first tried the Kevin Sobels Wines. I like the wide area around this Vineyard that we can easily find the parking spaces, a spacious corner for the small stalls to sell food or their handmade arts and a small garden outside that we can sit down to relax. One of the wine that has attracted my attention is the Gewurztraminer. I'm normally dislike sweet wine yet the aromatic smell of this wine is very refreshing. It's very suitable as a dessert wine for sharing while gathering with family or group of friends.

Next, we've decided to visit McGuigan Wines as they're having cheese sales and tastings just next door to the wine tastings hall. Our hungry stomachs are urging us to try out the Cheese Tasting Platter that consists of Brie, Cheddar and Blue Cheese, an Antipasti box and a packet of biscuits. Attila and I have as well got ourselves a big bottle of Hansi Lemonade. What's next? Of course, we're making ourselves comfortable by having a picnic on the green field during this sun shining day.

Before ending our journey at Hunter Valley, we've lastly stopped by the Tempus Two to have our one last glass of wine at goldfish cocktail and wine lounge. I've as well made a chance to take picture at the grapes. A lesson learnt; wine grapes are smaller, thicker skin yet juicier and normally more sour to make a good wine.

It's a new experience for me to have a 'wine-hopping trip' from Vineyard to Vineyard at Hunter Valley. This is definitely an unfrogettable memory for myself.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Delicious Burgers or Burgerlicious

We've decided to visit Burgerlicious famous burgers and wraps while wandering for our morning breakfast. I'm attracted by the red lip on the signboard and I've in fact as well been so satisfied with the deliciousness of the wrap that I've ordered.

Attila has chosen the 100% Pure Beef Burger that is called Big Doppio. It consists of double Angus beef meat patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, their special sauce and of course, no grilled onions for Attila. Attila has finished up the Angus meat completely, in such a hungry and greedy manner. I guess he has been so grateful to have such tasty burger. The set meal comes with the thick and flat French Fries that are crispy at outside but so soft at inside. The saltiness is just nice that I've to say that the Fries are good. My Chickadee Wrap consists of chicken breast meat, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. My favourite is the chicken meat that is so juicy, tender and rich in taste.

I'm still missing these delicious burgers so much and I do really miss the juicy chicken meat... so Yummy!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dessert at Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe

Passing by the Pyrmont Bridge at night, it's beautiful...
I'm so happy to find the Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe at Opera Quay or nearby the Opera House. I'm so excited and eager to have my chocolate; the young child in my heart is asking for a sweet dessert.

Attila has chosen to have the Macadamia Nuts and Pistachio ice-cream. I do quite like the Pistachio ice-cream for its nice aroma of the Pistachio Nuts. Anyway, the ice-cream is melting very fast even under the cold temperature of about 10 degree C. I've asked for myself a cup of Long Black Coffee and 3 pieces of Macarons. As I can remember correctly, the flavours are mocha, chocolate and Jaffa. My favourite is the Jaffa-flavoured of Macaron as it has a little sourness from the berries and being balanced by the sweetness of the chocolate.
Guylian chocolate is not really my favourite as it doesn't have sufficient flavour or I should describe the taste as not strong or sweet enough to fill my teeth.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

LÖWENBRÄU, the Germany in Sydney

Phoebe's friends have decided to bring us to dinner to the LÖWENBRÄU or the German restaurant that is located nearby Circular Quay. This only German restaurant in Sydney has been packed with crowds during the dinner time and we've nearly missed out the seats without booking in advanced.

Not too hungry, Attila and I have decided to share the Löwenschnitzel; the giant pork schnitzel that is served with French Fries and Herb Mayonnaise. Looking at the portion of serving, I've somehow being surprised by the meaning of 'giant'. Attila is quite satisfied with the solid taste of the pork but it appears to be slightly too dry and too hard for me. Anyway, we've the same opinion that we'll prefer slightly more saltiness in the pork. The most compliment goes to the Pretzel; seems hard yet crispy at outside and soft at inside. The rock salt has given enough saltiness to the Pretzel but it'll taste even better to go with butter.

This is not the best German restaurant that we've had before but it has somehow been a spotlight for tourists. It's very funny for Attila and Bernd that the band is singing with the Austrian slang, that has made the German song being meaningless ;)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Opera Bar & Opera House

Finally, my dream comes true to see by myself the Opera House Sydney. The scenery of the Pyrmont Bridge on the left and the Opera House on the right, this is such a beautiful memory that I want to remember.

Tired of walking, we've decided to sit down at the Opera Bar for our breakfast while we're enjoying the beautiful scene. You can choose either Western or Oriental cuisine from the menu here. Thus, Attila has decided to go for the Angus Burger while I've chosen the Steamed Dumplings with Prawn and Scallop. Angus is a type of beef whereby the herd is naturally black or red colour. I'm not a good eater for steak that I can't differentiate the taste of the meat but Attila is somehow quite satisfied with the Angus meat patty in between the burger bread. The only unacceptable mistake is the red beet root to replace the lettuce salad as garnishing. For myself, I'm totally satisfied with my delicious dumplings. The mixed prawn and scallop ingredient is not really too special but the little spicy and salty soy sauce has somehow enhanced the freshness of the steamed dumplings.
No doubt that I'm happy to have my Oriental meal here, but it's more grateful to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. It's very windy here and the seagulls are flying around freely.