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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ice Wonderful Time at Preferé

Walking along the street at Jeju Island on a windy night, we've decided to takeaway the ice cream from Preferé Wagen. The various colours of the ice cream that ranges from Strawberry, Vanilla, Choco, Melon, Grape and Green Tea have indeed attracted our attentions to try it out. We've decided for a Green Tea and a Grape Ice Cream. Once our order is placed, each of the ice cream block is put inside the machine and then being pumped onto the cone. The girls have counted, the ice cream is as high as 8 circular rounds. The Green Tea Ice Cream is not as good as Osulloc because the green tea is not strong while the Grape Ice Cream is quite special. Both of the ice cream taste very sweet and creamy that it melts very fast. We've to lick it very fast before it's finishing! I'll say that the ice cream tastes ordinary only.

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