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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Experience the Street

Walking along the street of Insadong-gil, we're eating along the shopping trip. I just love to grab some easy to take-away snacks and especially I'm tempted by the various street food in Seoul.

Elaine and I are first attracted by the Road Street Take Out Cocktail. The packaging of the drink or the sealed vacuum bag indeed looks cool. The red drink is similar to the blood bag in the hospital, isn't it? We've decided to order a Screw Driver or the mixture of Vodka with orange juice. It tastes like plain orange juice as the alcohol is indeed too less.

We've then decided to share the Twist Potato. I'm seriously the junk because I've never seen or tasted this potato fries in Malaysia but the girls have indeed tried it in Malacca. Su Yee has kindly bought 2 sticks for us whereby 1 is the original while another is topped with the onion powder. The Twist Potato is kind of oily while the colour is just too light. I'll prefer the potato if it's fried to the dark brownish colour that it gets a crispy skin. Besides, I've enjoyed the stick that has been garnished with the onion powder for its saltiness.

We've enjoyed the sightseeing, shopping and as well the eating along the street in Seoul.

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