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Monday, 27 May 2013

Hoddeok the Cinnamon, Gaeran Bbang the Egg & Unknown the Ball

On the way to our Hill House Hotel that is located at Hoehyeondong, I've come across the snacks by the street that are called Hoddeok and Gaeran Bbang. I'm attracted by the unique shape of the snacks that has triggered my eagerness to have a try.

Hoddeok is an "empty" biscuit that is filled with cinnamon and sugar while Gaeran Bbang is a cake that is put with an egg. The old uncle is very friendly yet his Hoddeok is not tasty whereby the skin is too thick and it tastes very powdery from the flour. I prefer the salty Gaeran Bbang that is visible with an egg at the center. Frankly, I dislike the egg yolk that has been cooked completely because of the powdery feeling in the mouth yet I like this snack for its specialty and saltiness.

Phui Yee has decided to show me the tasty Hoddeok by Namdaemun Market. The stall is owned by the aunties and people are queueing to buy the freshly made Hoddeok here. It's definitely tastier here whereby the skin is thin and its little crispiness is good to go with the sweet cinnamon sugar. Besides, we're decided to share a brownish pastry that looks alike small soccer ball. It seems to be filled with bean paste and I've hardly bitten for a mouth because it's too chewy and it's tasteless.

Not all snacks in Korea are very delicious but I'm recommending you to try out the Hoddeok and Gaeran Bbang as a new experience in Seoul.

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