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Friday, 27 May 2011

Snack Time... I'm Thinking of the Peanut Ice Blended!

Something light and simple for the snack, wondering... Triggering myself for the Peanut Ice Blended. This stall is located inside the small food court at the center of Seberang Jaya area. It's the stall No.3 that is named Long Fong龍鳳 whereby they're selling the Ais Kacang & Perahan Air Buahan or what is known as Red Bean Ice Blended and Fresh Fruit Juice.

The stall owner has generously put in plenty of peanuts to create a nice aroma and taste inside the blended ice. Furthermore, the ice has been blended to a smooth texture that it just melts through my throat. I personally like peanut and it's great to mix peanuts into this iced-cold drink. Additionally, I've tried the Pasembur at the neighboring stall. The sauce is a little bit soupy but the sweetness and saltiness are just balanced and I love the most, the crispy crackers. It's made purely from flour but it's just nice to have the crunchiness in the mouth.

If you're hungry and looking for a simple teatime snacks, I'll say that the Peanut Ice Blended and Pasembur are just perfect.

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