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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Modern Australian by Woolloomooloo...

Woolloomooloo is a new restaurant that is located somewhere opposite the Queensbay Mall. Their selling point is the modern Australian cuisine. In fact I don't know what is the difference of Australian cuisine to European or Western cuisine. We're there just purely on Attila's desire about the specialty of Australian food that he has had back in Germany, such as Kangaroo or Crocodile's meat.

The inner of the restaurant is only black and white; an elegant matching of colours but somehow it's a little bit too bright to make ourselves comfortable for a meal. They've just started business whereby the menu is just simply of one page for food and one page for beverages. Attila feels so disappointed by the 'Non-Australian' in the menu that he has rejected to have the recommendation from the shop owner.
Finally, we've decided to go for the Grilled Pepper Steak with Roasted Vegetables & Potato and the Seafood Marinara with Linguine. The steak has been grilled to 'Medium' just perfectly as per requested. The meat is tender and juicy without any bloody smell that goes just nice with the pepper sauce. Neither too much sauce nor too thick but the pepper taste is just sufficient without covering up the natural grilling taste of the meat. Talking about my Seafood Marinara, I like the sourness of the tomatoes and additional with the onions that has given a nice aroma. But, it's kind of disappointing as the seafood, linguine and sauce are not united together; for instance the seafood does not absorbed the tomato sauce completely.

Attila is very satisfied with his steak that has been cooked perfectly but if to talk about Australian cuisine, the restaurant is making fun of him. To us, Woolloomooloo is just alike another Western or Italian restaurant that we can find in town.


  1. Hi there, nice review you got there.
    I cant found any of the restaurant's review else.
    How was the price? Worth to give it a shot? =)

  2. Darren,
    Talking about the steak that my boyfriend has ordered, it's worth. I'm not fancy about beef but I do like the steak here... Anyway, the pasta, definitely not worth!
    But, you've to be able to accept the white lighting as the bright ambient is just not making me to feel comfortable to stay longer..