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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dragon9ine... Lunch, Dinner & Supper!

Attracted by the pictures about the Dragon9ine九龍餐廳 from a friend, I've decided to try out this restaurant that is located at Bellisa Row in Penang. 九龍 also means 'Kowloon', so they're somehow serving Hong Kong style cuisine here. I guess the restaurant has been operating for a long time? Because of its old menu. The house if fully packed during lunch time that we've been waiting for quite some time for our orders.

Our 1st order to arrive is the Steamed Bun with Butter Cream港式奶皇包. The yellowish buns seem so appetizing. Tearing the bun apart, look at how much the yellowish butter cream is flowing inside the bun! However, I dislike the rough texture of the cream inside my mouth and I'll also prefer if the dough is softer. Next appetizer is the Deep Fried Wonton油炸鲜虾云吞. The wonton is very crispy and the inner ingredient is the mixture of prawn meat and pork that has been blended together. The prawn meat is creating a tender and chewy texture while I myself prefer to have some chopped prawn meat inside.

We've shared the Egg Noodles with Wonton鲜虾云吞全蛋面 as well. I guess it's because of the egg inside the noodle that the noodles are clotted to each other? The seasoning is a slimy soy-based soup, sufficient saltiness except that I miss to have dark soy sauce. Additionally, we've ordered the Braised Pork Belly with White Fungus白木耳烩猪腩肉 and Broccoli with Chinese Black Mushroom香菇炒西兰花. I'm totally surprised by the thick fat of the pork belly. Talking about the pork belly, I dislike the vinegar that is not spread evenly over the meat. Secondly, with such thick fat and lean meat, I'm expecting that the pork belly has been boiled till the sauce is absorbed completely to create the softness and tenderness as well. But disappointed to say, the taste is not in the meat and the pork belly tastes so chewy. About the broccoli, I guess this is the dish that we're totally giving up because the mushroom tastes sour. Is the mushroom expired?

I've to say that the decorations in the restaurant are very attractive but the dishes here are just not appealing. I've repeated for 3x yet my drink is not served at the end of meal. Even though the waiter is apologizing for the slow and bad service, somehow this is not a good reason to operate a restaurant. I'm seeing a lot of customers walking out from the restaurant with angry and pissed faces...


  1. Thanks... I was quite pissed with the service. A good restaurant is not only about food ;)